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Transformation Tuesdays: Working with 3D: visualizing efficiency gains for you and your customers

Are you still sending flat packaging designs or artwork to your customers for approval? How can the customer visualize what this looks like in a pack shot or in a virtual 3D environment? Are you missing a trick by not supplying customers with files in three dimensions?

Or are you still sending hard copy samples in the post? Sending multiple samples to a vast array of stakeholders or multiple approvers? Who is ensuring these samples get to their destination – and how much does this cost in both time and resources? And let’s not forget the environmental impact of shipping hardcopy proofs around the globe.

These are just some of the questions answered in the new Transformation Tuesdays video, Working with 3D.

Esko has been analyzing some of the biggest issues prepress and packaging businesses face as they continue along their journey towards digital transformation. In each of the Transformation Tuesdays videos, experts tackle these issues head on, detailing how improved digitization, automation and connectivity within a business can eliminate bottlenecks and deliver efficiency and productivity gains.

The second Transformation Tuesday video is available now, underlining the importance of using 3D for approvals, automating the process to deliver a 3D design directly to the screen of the customer for approval. Digitization and automation enables packaging businesses to avoid producing several costly iterations of samples of designs, including a wide range of special finishes, and to build trust with a customer by clearly showing how packaging looks in store.

The short video addresses these points clearly and concisely. In the wake of widespread disruption across the industry, the Transformation Tuesdays series will demonstrate how the ability to digitize, automate and connect is now more crucial to businesses than ever before.

To watch Transformation Tuesdays: Working in 3D, click here

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