You're well on your way! Your company already has some defined processes in place.
Some tasks and timelines are triggered automatically. Operators use basic tools on computer workstations. You add people to cope with the increasing work load.

Find out below how Esko can help you level up

Leadership concerns at this stage

Leadership style
Leadership is a team play. Smart individuals are recognized.
Business growth
Focus on customer retention.
Print quality
Quality is measured, but only to keep a single process step perform within tolerance.
People rush to deal with problems.
Environmental sustainability
Concrete efforts for a more environmental friendly production.
Equipment effectiveness
Basic measurement of press downtime. Reduction of press setup time is achieved by adding more people.

What an organized workflow looks like

Customer communication
Elementary web portal in MIS helps with data upload. Lots of data duplication in the process.

How Esko can help you

Esko WebCenter connects to your MIS and helps with customer communication, but also with approval cycles, job specification and reporting.

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Internal communication
MIS only deployed in sales, admin and order handling.

How Esko can help you

MIS can be connected to Esko WebCenter and Esko Automation Engine. The whole company becomes connected.

Artwork preparation
In-house prepress operators use professional tools. Limited in-editor automation using scripting.

How Esko can help you

Esko Automation Engine takes over the scripting and runs actions lists and complete tasks.

Good for print approval
Incomplete implementation of color management leads to color matching challenge for press crew.

How Esko can help you

Esko color management solution made available at every step in the workflow.

Sheet layout
Still done manually, but using expert tools. Based on CAD manufacturing dieline.

How Esko can help you

Esko Automation Engine helps create sheet layouts of single of multiple jobs.

Plate making
The plate room is disconnected from prepress. Plate layout, cutting and mounting are manual operations.

How Esko can help you

The integrated imager and exposure solution by Esko, CDI XPS, removes manual operations from the workflow. An integration with a Kongsberg digital cutting table turns the cutting of flexo plates into an exact science.

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Press status reporting relies on people. Capacity increase is done by adding presses.
One-up CAD design is done in-house with general purpose CAD software. Toolmaking outsourced.

How Esko can help you

ArtiosCAD, the dedicated packaging CAD editor has die-cut making functionality on board.

Packing & shipping logistics
Better organization of WIP. Peaks in production can be anticipated.

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