This is brilliant! Your company has fully connected every step in the workflow.
User intervention and manual operations are limited to an absolute minimum. Your teams closely collaborate with customers and suppliers, far beyond the company walls.

Leadership concerns at this stage

Leadership style
Digital transformation is embedded in company vision.
Business growth
Invest in technology and develop new applications and markets.
Print quality
First time right rigorously implemented. Automated quality inspection with feedback loops drives continuous improvement.
OTD commitment is a competitive differentiator.
Environmental sustainability
Environmental friendly production is a core value driver. All staff is engaged in reducing environmental impact of the business.
Equipment effectiveness
Best in class OEE using all available business intelligence. Downtime is anticipated.

What an intelligent workflow looks like

Customer communication
Smart web portal integrated with MIS and prepress anticipates customer needs. Real-time job status info.
Internal communication
Integrated and digitally managed processes across the business. Internal closed loop communication between inspection systems and prepress workflow drives continuous improvement.
Artwork preparation
Prepress department operates as a 100% lights-out “robot cell”. AI & historical data drive automation.
Good for print approval
Quality targets and inspection technology eradicate need for approval.
Sheet layout
Automated sheet layout and press planning for minimum press setup time and substrate waste.
Plate making
Plate making is an integral process step in prepress and fully automated.
No human intervention required to decide which job goes on which press. Automated decision based on business rules.
In-house tools integrated with MIS. Business rules assist the toolmaking process for optimal die finishing equipment performance.
Packing & shipping logistics
Fully automated, robotized packing, warehousing and internal logistics. Shipment planning is integrated in ERP/MIS.

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