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Your company manages packaging projects digitally. Different departments collaborate through integrated software and hardware solutions to move processes online.

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Leadership concerns at this stage

Leadership style
Motivational leadership, embracing technology initiatives.
Business growth
Focus on increasing customer stickiness.
Print quality
Process, tools and resources in place to enforce industry standards.
Leading indicators in system dashboards, but breaking into the planning still results in missed deadlines.
Environmental sustainability
Genuine engagement in accreditation initiatives with measurable results.
Equipment effectiveness
Focus on process improvements.

What a digitized workflow looks like

Customer communication
Web-based two-way communication from start to end. All reviews and approvals run online.

How Esko can help you

Use Esko WebCenter not only for review and approvals, but also for order creation and reporting.

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Internal communication
MIS and prepress exchange a limited data set.

How Esko can help you

Your MIS can be connected to WebCenter and Automation Engine, effectively connecting all parts of the company.

Artwork preparation
Production process translated to automated workflow. Repetitive tasks are automated.

How Esko can help you

Automation Engine allows you to further automate all tasks. Operator intervention is reduced to the absolute minimum (the exceptions). Business systems can generate all the data to drive production.

Good for print approval
Color management delivers reliable proofs. Approval happens online.

How Esko can help you

Prepress, color management and proofing is completely in sync. Print approval becomes a formality.

Sheet layout
Automated, but only for single designs on a single sheet. More intricate layouts require manual intervention.

How Esko can help you

Esko Automation Engine helps create sheet layouts of single of multiple jobs.

Plate making
Exposure settings retrieved from MIS.

How Esko can help you

Esko's flexo solutions make it possible to connect prepress and platemaking. There is no operator intervention anymore, the automated workflow takes care of everything, from software to hardware. Your MIS can talk to the Automation Engine and the AE talks to the CDI Crystal XPS.

Manual press status reporting with barcode scanners. Planning software optimizes cost and efficiency.
One-up design and sheet layout are done in-house using professional tools. Toolmaking is outsourced.

How Esko can help you

ArtiosCAD, the dedicated packaging CAD editor has die-cut making functionality on board. All die tooling can be done in house.

Packing & shipping logistics
Product shipping is an integrated production step in an automated process.

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