Digital Maturity Model for Brand Packaging

As consumer goods companies experience increasing pressure to bring products to market rapidly, the importance of understanding consumer packaging and the processes that help execute those projects also increases.

Digital Maturity Model for Brand Packaging

Consumer goods companies need to digitize their packaging process to capture new distribution (and revenue) opportunities through simple packaging iteration and improve operational processes, thereby lowering costs. Companies who invest in the digitization of packaging processes can successfully unite design and marketing with the supply chain to improve the consumer experience and increase growth. Better understanding the Digital Maturity Model for Brand Packaging is key to such success.

Download the "Digital Maturity Model for Brand Packaging" to:

  • Better understand the business benefits that lie within each stage
  • Identify your current position on the model
  • Establish a progression roadmap within the model for your business

Want the big picture? You can download the high-resolution Digital Packaging Maturity Model supergraphic.