Thinking outside the box: How Alexir grows turnover Year-over-Year with Esko software solutions

Folding carton manufacturer Alexir recorded some baffling numbers since the implementation of its comprehensive Esko software solution, proving the investment a ‘no brainer’.

The Customer

From design to delivery

Founded in 1989, The Alexir Partnership is an independent carton manufacturer serving the food and branded goods industries.

It produces approximately 400 million cartons per year, primarily for the FMCG market, on two Komori lithographic printing presses and Europe’s first Xerox iGen 4 digital press with a thick stock option.

The Alexir Partnership is unique in the UK in that it is the only business in the food sector that can create, package and pack products from design to delivery within one enterprise.



Esko looked at what our requirements were. They advised not to replicate what we had but rather to think about what we would like the solutions to do and they will make that happen.

Matthew Elston, Pre-Production Manager, Alexir Partnership, UK

The challenge

Reducing human intervention

Before the investment, Alexir Partnership was considering employing more staff to keep up with the workload.


My objective was the Holy Grail – no manual intervention. We are not quite there yet, but we are very near.

Matthew Elston, Pre-Production Manager, Alexir Partnership, UK

The solution

Responsive workflow

Instead, Alexir Partnership chose to create a responsive workflow that minimized human touch points. The company invested in a full suite of Esko solutions, including Automation Engine and Automation Engine Connect, WebCenter, ArtiosCAD, DeskPack, Studio and Cape palletization software.

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The Esko solutions have not only improved our overall efficiency by automating as much of the workflow as possible, allowing us to do more work with the same number of employees, but still leaves us plenty of room for continued growth.

Matthew Elston, Pre-Production Manager, Alexir Partnership, UK

The benefits

Big wins

Today, Alexir Partnership still has the same number of people. The Esko solutions have improved overall efficiency allowing to produce more work and leaving plenty of room for continued growth.

With Automation Engine every job scheduled for the next 72 hours has all necessary elements in place. This way scheduled work is completed seamlessly and rush jobs can easily fit in.

One of the most interesting benefits has been ArtiosCAD's ability to enable the operation to establish its own sampling services. Before, producing a small number of samples was a hassle and very costly.

  • Overtime costs drop by 75%.
  • Annual turnover approaches £18 million and is still growing.
  • Production mounts up to 1900 plates a month.
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