Automation Engine

The perfect automated workflow.

Automation Engine: the perfect automated workflow

Job Management:
Smart & automated data management

The Job Management module allows users to automatically create jobs and efficiently organize production data.

A job in Automation Engine represents a production order that organizes the data storage and the job’s metadata, its link to order ID, due date, customer info, Customer Service Representative contacts… A job can also contain graphical specifications like barcode, inks, RIP options… This information can be (re)used in any workflow.

What’s more, the Automation Engine Cloud Connector makes it possible to move jobs - not just design files, but entire production folders - safely and securely from one production facility to another.

  • Increased quality: the correct files are always used
  • Increased efficiency: reduce the time spent searching for files
  • Reduce cost: a reduction in product recalls
Job Management: Smart & automated data management

Free Guide

Top 5 automation myths
in packaging debunked

Top 5 automation myths in packaging debunked
Viewing & QA: Easily detect content errors on production files, prior to output

Viewing & QA:
Easily detect content errors on
production files, prior to output

Detect content errors on any file type prior to any output. This module offers detailed quality control tools for all jobs. You can compare versions of the same file, of different files, between file types (screened, stepped…).

There is also barcode scanning and braille reading.

  • Improve relationship with your customer: increased quality results
  • Increase efficiency: differences are highlighted automatically
  • Reduce costs: reduction of product recalls

Built in assisted quality control with Global Vision

Workflows in Automation Engine can work with Global Vision inspection checks.

Optional Global Vision functionality allows for automatic quality control checks like text, artwork, spelling, braille, barcodes. The result: a secure prepress flow with accurate quality. Read more about Global Vision functionality in Automation Engine.

  • Automation increases quality: the process is standardized and consistent results will be delivered regardless of who performs the inspection.
  • Boost productivity: get more work done with the same headcount
  • Bring down cost: reduction in proofreading, rework, recalls…
  • Traceability: Full reporting on who checked what when
Built in assisted quality control with Global Vision
Automation Engine: 3D Report

Reporting and 3D:
Automatically create job reports

Report cards are based on a predefined template that customizes the report card for a specific job, using its attributes, customer information, and details that can be extracted from the database. Even metadata like ink coverage and barcode specifications can be added.

3D PDF files can be generated from the structural data associated with the job. Combined with the graphical data, it gives a 3D view of how the actual job will look like. This 3D view can even be integrated in the report card.

  • Improve relationship with your customer delivering easy to read reports
  • Increased efficiency: creating reports is done automatically
  • Reduced cost: save time by generating reports automatically
did you know image

Did you know?

Esko Share And Approve helps Automation Engine users to speed up approvals from their customers. Find out more.

Automatic creation of stepped data
regardless of print process

Automation Engine features automated imposition and step-and-repeat for both conventional and digital printing including variable data processing.

The layout module offers all tools to step & repeat, impose or nest files. The layout module supports any segment: labels, folding carton, corrugated, digital, commercial print, signage or display production.

Data can be acquired from an external database or MIS system to further streamline and automate the overall job processing.

  • Improved quality: predictable, repeatable and data driven stepping
  • Increased efficiency: the stepping process is fully automated
  • Reduced cost: staff time is reduced
Automation Engine: Processor

Automatically check and correct
supplied files for common errors

The Processor Module offers extensive content processing capabilities. It’s a consistent way of processing incoming files, separations are optimized automatically. It’s ready for automated variable data expansion and has Enfocus Smart Preflight on board.

Enfocus PitStop is fully integrated into Automation Engine, which allows over 200 checks to be performed automatically.

  • Improved quality: files are automatically checked, and full reports are generated on the fly
  • Increased efficiency: reduction in manual intervention and files are corrected automatically
  • Reduced cost: increased efficiencies

Automation Engine Connect:
Seamless integration with 3rd party systems without expensive customization

Automation Engine integrates seamlessly with any existing infrastructure (MIS, ERP…). Automation Engine accepts a wide range of desktop publishing formats, supporting RIPs or file servers and all industry standards such as PDF, XML, XMP, SQL queries and JDF/JMF communication.

Automation Engine Connect is a toolkit that allows integration from a third-party product with an Esko component (WebCenter, Automation Engine or ArtiosCAD).

  • Harmonizing the method of integration
  • Broadening the scope of integration
  • Scalable
  • Sustainable

Color Module:
Automatic color conversion from
one space to another

The Color module offers centralized color management with ink saving tools and advanced color conversion tasks. The color functionality offers a reduction of ink consumption and a most stable print quality. There’s also a distinct reduction of press setup time thanks to an automated conversion into a fixed color set.

  • Automatically convert from source CMYK to destination CMYK
  • UCR, GCR and Ink saving can be applied on the fly
  • Use Equinox to Convert spot colors to a fixed ink set e.g. CMYKOGV

  • Improved quality through predictable, repeatable color conversion
  • Increased efficiency due to press uptime as there are less wash outs required between print runs
  • Reduced cost due to ink savings and the ability to run multiple jobs on single press runs.

Color Preflight
Color Preflight for Automation Engine
increases the efficiency of the press.

It allows operators to use the most efficient ink set and reduce unnecessary print time. Color Preflight for Automation Engine also allows you to make use of EPM with confidence: decide on EPM (or another print mode) based on objective criteria. HP Indigo customers report increased color consistency and 17 hours extra press capacity per month. Read more about Color Preflight.

Automated Flexo Platemaking

The automated flexo platemaking module enables a fully automated platemaking workflow. Starting from a ripped LEN file all the way to the exposed flexo plate on the CDI.

The Automation Engine Platemaking module removes the need to manually crop and extend .LEN files, add QC files…

CDI Crystal XPS: Removing complexity by integrating the imager and exposure unit
remove flexographic complexity through automation

Device Manager

Any activity on output devices is automatically registered. The Automation Engine Device Manager has a bi-directional link with devices such as Esko’s CDI imager and Kongsberg cutting table.

The Device Manager moves operational control upstream to the prepress department. Flexo platemaking and digital finishing operations are better integrated with the prepress workflow. Operators use Device Manager to monitor job statuses, and to manage and prioritize the queues of all connected devices.

The Device Manager allows companies to use their hardware at maximum capacity by smart estimation functionality and the possibility to balance loads between devices. Read more about Device Manager for trade shops and converters and Device Manager for signage and display producers.

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