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Reduce waste with Phoenix, a smarter layout solution

Powerful CAD-based nesting and imposition for sheetfed and roll-fed carton and label production.

*Tilia Labs is collaborating with Esko in the development of future updates, upgrades and new versions of the Tilia Phoenix product, and going forward the product will be marketed by both under the familiar “Phoenix” name.
* Not available for purchase from Esko in Japan

* Not available for direct purchase from Esko in Japan

Artificial Intelligent Layout Optimization is Here 🚀

The printing Industry’s first and only automated, AI-driven preproduction software for packaging and labels.

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The Tool You’ve Been Looking For

Phoenix is a modern layout optimization program built for packaging.


Intelligent Distribution

Phoenix uses a powerful, dynamic imposition calculation to quickly determine the best distribution of orders to maximize each press run.


You make the rules

Model your production environment inside of Phoenix. Set-up your presses, stocks, marks, and finishing equipment then let Imposition A.I. do the rest.


Simple drag & drop interface

No more clunky software designed in the 90’s. Phoenix is built on modern development stacks and it feels like it.


Out-of-the-box CSV integration

Quickly automate Phoenix with data from your website or business system using CSV spreadsheets.

Nesting & CAD Based Prepress

Phoenix brings an all new approach to step-and-repeat with a simple drag-and-drop user interface.


Auto-snap into CAD positions

Fill a sheet with the click of a button. Add new items by dragging and dropping them into the user interface.


Smart Mark Technology

Decorate your layouts with industry standard production marks. Add your own custom PDF or Scriptable marks for additional data transformation.

An Intelligent Tooling Library

No need to remake a die ever again. Phoenix uses shape-detection to create a smart library.


Import Structural Designs

Import CF2, PDF, or DXF file formats to ensure flawless automated plate layouts. Preserve step-and repeat parameters, sheet and board sizes, and varnish areas.


Die-based masking for graphics

Define non-printing areas and mask-out unwanted areas of a design file. Adjust overlapping graphic masks intelligently and apply once to the entire layout.


Die Shape Detection

Use tilia Phoenix’s advanced shape-detection feature to query the die library for exact multi-out die matches. Never remake a die for a job ever again!


Station numbering

Insert a placeholder for the Station Number that specifies attributes such as position, font, size, and the inks in which the number is to be printed.

Plan Faster & Smarter with Imposition A.I.

Reduce press changeover and makeready with smarter production layouts. Let Phoenix enable your team to create faster and smarter combination calculations.


No more spreadsheet calculations

Automatically calculate optimal combination runs whether planning 3 SKUs or 300 SKUs. Imposition A.I. will compare run lengths, overruns, and inks to reduce press forms and optimize production.


Changeover vs Overrun

The challenge with combination runs is determining the optimal balance between new press forms and waste. Tilia Phoenix uses cost-based intelligence to weight the different cost centers and derive the best results.


Cut & Stack Sheet Optimization

Imposition A.I. understands all types of finished products. Whether die-cut, guillotined, or high-die, tilia Phoenix understands your requirements and can create your layouts.


Workflow Integration

With so many ways to integrate, tilia Phoenix fits seamlessly into every packaging workflow solution. Integrations available via JDF, hotfolder, and REST API just to name a few.

Connect Everything

Integrate with your existing business systems, websites, DFEs, and workflow tools in minutes. Learn more about Esko integrations and tech partners.

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