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A lot of companies are looking for that sweet spot between reducing the ecological footprint and optimizing their shipping costs. Using palletizing software like Cape Pack, it’s become extremely easy to optimize your pallet load.

Start with an existing case size, an existing product size or use Cape Pack to determine the most appropriate size for a new product.

  1. Enter your product’s dimensions
  2. Specify case/tray type, pick a pallet and enter the maximum load dimensions
  3. Calculate and view case counts and pallet loads
  4. Choose a pallet load and create a report

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Cape Pack Essentials is a simple and practical program for solving palleting challenges. Use this pallet loading software and within a few seconds of entering your data you can view a range of on-screen diagrams and reports so finding the right pallet pattern is easy. Click here to try it for free!

Cape Pack Essentials allows you to calculate palleting designs for fixed or known secondary package sizes. You enter the size of the bottle, box, tray, case, bag... that is to be placed directly onto the pallet. Calculate pallet patterns on 3 different sets of pallet restrictions at one time in order to compare efficiencies.

A use case: palletize to optimize

Using Cape Pack pallet design software, one of the world’s largest pre-packaged food companies optimized its packaging and pallet layout. The results speak for themselves:

  • The new, improved, package uses 78% less material by weight
  • It uses 66% less corrugate or 778 fewer trees (114 tons) per 1000 pallets of product
  • The new design saves 933 million BTU’s per 1000 pallets
  • Saves 184,943 lbs (83888.73kg) of CO2 per 1000 pallets
  • Saves 465,281 gallons (1761,28 m³) of waste water per 1000 pallets
  • Saves 51,670 lbs (23437,11kg) of solid waste per 1000 pallets
  • The new package offers 32% reduction of fossil fuel consumption & GHG emissions over the old package
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Check these palletization use cases

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