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Designing product packaging

Designing product packaging is an ongoing challenge. Esko helps you design, manage and produce outstanding packaging, from the concept, all the way to the store.

Combining structural & graphics design

Combining structural and graphics design early in the design process helps you to create accurate, production-ready packaging from the very start.

Studio brings 3D packaging design to Adobe® Illustrator®. Studio is the 3D toolset that provides an interactive 3D viewing window so packaging designers can see how the artwork will look on virtually any packaging shape. Make a change to the artwork and instantly see the result in 3D. Your product packaging is not flat, why would you continue designing in 2D only?

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Studio Toolkit for Labels - Avoid optical distortion of your artwork

Real-time 3D preview

Studio provides real-time 3D preview and helps you spot design errors much faster. Ever had a critical element like a barcode end up on a hidden area? Or confusion about how the packaging folds or is wrapped around a shape? Design flaws like these are noticed and corrected early in the design phase with wasted time later in production.

With Studio’s ability to output a 3D PDF, communication between designer and customer greatly improves. 3D PDF files are small enough to email and can be viewed by anyone with the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader.

It can be difficult for decision makers to visualize how the package will look after production

Physical mockups are often used to communicate packaging design intent but they have their own share of problems.

Many features commonly used in luxe packaging, like unique substrates, specialty inks and finishing effects, simply cannot be accurately reproduced with a physical mockup. And physical mockups or comps are expensive and time-consuming to produce.

Hyper realistic mock-ups of luxe packaging

Studio Visualizer creates and shares ultra-realistic on-screen mockups that can be used for test marketing, QA, or virtual pack shots. It renders substrates, inks, varnishes and high-value finishing effects.

The result is a hyper realistic visual of the luxury packaging “in context”: applied to the primary pack or combined together in a packaging assembly. Packaging visualization was never this easy!

Studio Visualizer reduces the need for costly mockups for luxurious packaging. And because virtual mockups and virtual packaging can be shared instantly by e-mail or over the web, you can move through the design and production cycle significantly faster, shortening your time to market.

Studio - Visualize printing effects

Studio Store Visualizer

Preview your product packaging in a virtual store

The real moment of truth for your packaging design is when it’s on the store shelf in front of the consumer.

Today’s retail environment demands much more than just attractive primary packaging. Secondary packaging is increasingly becoming retail-ready packaging, designed to live in harmony with the primary package and fit perfectly to the store shelf.

Your brand is an important asset; you need to know how it will look to the consumer, whether all packaging within the brand is consistent on shelf, and how you stack up against your competition. Setting up a complete physical store shelf or aisle is one strategy but is there a better way?

A virtual retail environment

The Store Visualizer shows your packaging in a virtual retail environment. See and interact with your new designs on the shelf next to the competition, present a complete product launch in 3D, including retail-ready packaging, displays, signs and other branded items.

Test the visual impact of your latest design in the environment where it all happens: the store.

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