Product Life Cycle Management
& PLM Software specialized in packaging

WebCenter is a unique and powerful web-based platform that manages pre-production approval and product management life cycles.

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Product lifecycle management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product. From its conception, over design and manufacture, to service and, finally, disposal. PLM software integrates people, data, processes and business systems.

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Product Life Cycle Management and PLM Software specialized in packaging

Can PLM software handle packaging?

Obviously packaging lifecycle management is an intrinsic part of the product life cycle management. Given the highly specialized needs of packaging, trying to fully manage the packaging project in the larger business process environment is often inadequate.

Product life cycle management software is often too generic and fails to bring the needed visuals and calculation functions to convince overloaded people to spend time in the system. Often, packaging people desire a higher degree of simplicity and usability.

Distribute responsibilities

PLM software should not necessarily try to manage the complete packaging lifecycle. Packaging lifecycle management software, however, should tightly integrate with product life cycle management systems.

The advantages of such distribution of responsibility are:

  • The different systems can evolve separately while maintaining the integration over clear exchange formats
  • One generic business process system can interact with multiple packaging management systems, for example from different divisions and/or suppliers. The opposite is also valuable: have one packaging system accepting projects from
  • Various sources as one company rarely uses only one business system

Integrate the packaging process into the business process but still delegate packaging decisions to the system that has the best knowledge and functionality for packaging.

WebCenter: True packaging management solution

WebCenter is a unique and powerful web-based platform that manages pre-production approval and product management life cycles. Webcenter has packaging at its core. It understands all aspects of successful packaging: its shape, the importance of brand colors and it offers control of all necessary content.

WebCenter is the perfect example of a packaging life cycle management system that integrates with PLM software. It streamlines and controls the complexities of your packaging development lifecycle.

  • Faster to market thanks to improved communication and collaboration between your employees, suppliers and customers
  • Increase your response time by providing service 24 / 7 to your departments, suppliers and customers
  • Improves quality due to better data capture and process control

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