Packaging Management & Development

Packaging development processes under pressure

Creating and producing packaging and its artwork for consumer products has become an increasingly complex process.

The number of functions of packaging has grown and the number of stakeholders in the process has grown accordingly. Packaging increasingly uses more complex shapes and graphics for several reasons; because there is a real need, because it can create a competitive advantage at the store shelf and sometimes simply because it's possible. Naturally that means that packaging development becomes more complex as well. Boost your packaging design process with dedicated solutions!

Manage packaging regulations

The continually increasing number of regulations affecting consumer products (font sizes, regulated tables & symbols...) put extra pressure on an industry that is looking to innovate the way packaging is produced. The packaging process has to take international rules and guidelines into account.

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WebCenter - Improved collaboration

Packaging management

WebCenter is a unique and powerful web-based platform that manages pre-production approval and project life cycle.

WebCenter has packaging and packaging management at its core. It understands all aspects of successful packaging: its shape, the importance of brand colors and it offers control of all necessary content. Webcenter allows you to manage all the complexities of creating packaging: from specification, design and execution. This management solution makes it easy to classify and organize all your packaging assets.

Innovating your packaging design process

Designing packaging is a big part of the packaging development process. Esko’s packaging design suite enables true packaging innovation with the capability to visualize how your design will be manufactured from as early as possible in the design phase.

The design software brings speed & ease to the packaging design process, with live renders of your packaging designs, realistic product visualizations and high definition interactive in-store simulations.

Studio - Create hyper realistic 3D visuals

The best tools for packaging development

Esko has the most integrated collection of packaging tools available. Boost your packaging process with dedicated software for structural design, prototyping, rendering...

With tools designed for packaging professionals, packaging development, virtual prototyping and manufacturing, ArtiosCAD is the world’s most popular and advanced structural design software for folding carton and corrugated packaging design.

Your packaging is not flat, why would you continue designing in 2D only? Studio adds a live 3D preview to Adobe Illustrator, the worlds most popular packaging graphic design application. Design flaws are noticed and corrected while designing, no time to waste.

Create and share ultra-realistic on-screen mock-ups of your packaging designs for test marketing, QA, or virtual pack shots... Studio Visualizer renders substrates, inks, varnishes and high-value finishing effects with the result being a hyper realistic visual of the packaging “in context.”

Find out how your labeled packaging design looks and behaves in the retail environment. Visualize in realistic high-definition 3D how your design stands out from competition (or not) in the store. Use Store Visualizer to test in real-time the visual impact of different design variations or display layouts.

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