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Use the TruckFill container loading calculator

The Cape Truckfill container load calculator helps you plan, create, edit, print and maintain multi-product load plans in order to get the most out of your trucks and containers.

Try Cape Truckfill for free to:
  • Improve space utilization with an optimized container load plan
  • Drastically reduce your carbon footprint
  • Cut transportation costs
  • Ultimately reduce the number of trucks on the streets

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Try Cape Truckfill for free

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Cape Pack - How does it work?

Calculate the optimal container load

The Cape Truckfill container loading calculator helps you plan the most beneficial load plans in order to get the most out of your trucks and containers.

With Truckfill you don't ship empty space or waste time manually calculating how many products can be loaded on your (sea) containers and trucks.

Enter the details for the products, pallet loads and container sizes and the load planning software analyzes your particular order.

  • Optimize the loading of your products into containers
  • Use loading restrictions and priorities to pre-plan your load
  • Minimize the number of containers needed
  • Show your warehousing personnel how to load your containers
  • Help support your warehouse management & resource planning systems
  • Help your customer service determine price quotes
  • Import pallet loads saved in Cape Pack

Build loading plans for trucks and containers

Build loading plans for containers

Calculate the best truck or container loading plans for an order of different products.

  • Store your load planning information in a database
    Store frequently used product information and container sizes in the database. Make data entry quicker and load calculating easier by selecting trucks and containers from the databases.
  • Edit a calculated load plan or create a custom plan
    Use the 3D editor to adjust the location of individual products within the load. You can also start with an empty truck or container and manually calculate a custom load planning.
  • Export results to other applications
    The TruckFill container load calculator is able to export the results to other applications. Export the numerical order information in XML or ASCII format and export load diagrams in .pdf or .jpeg formats.
  • Optimized container loading reduces carbon footprint
    By improving the amount of products that fit in a container, companies make real headway in optimizing their packaging supply chain. With Cape Truckfill, the dedicated container loading calculator, companies are able to create sustainable shipping alternatives.
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