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Optimize your corrugated production
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Corrugated carton ecosystem
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Start jobs right

Collect job specifications for all team members in a web portal. See real-time job status and automatically trigger workflows.

Deliver packaging projects 25% faster with WebCenter

Integrate with MIS

Reuse data available in MIS or ERP to create estimates and job cards automatically.

Reduce risk of errors from data duplication with Automation Engine

WebCenter for Labels

See WebCenter in action


Design for transport

Optimize the design for available shipping space, both of the single package and of the transportation package. Minimize environmental impact.

Reduce transportation costs with Cape Pack

Design the structure

Create CAD structures with parametric intelligence specifically for packaging and display design. Create your library of resizable standard designs. Check your designs for runnability.

Speed up structural design by 70% with ArtiosCAD and ArtiosCAD preflight 


Prepare artwork

Catch prepress errors and edit in native PDF with in-editor automated tools for trapping, sheet layout, quality control, text recognition and more.

Prevent costly returns with ArtPro+

Test design in 3D

Create instant 3D visuals of designs based on shape, including metallics, folls, coating and varnishes.

Cut design errors by 70% with ArtiosCAD

Get Approvals

Automatically route hyper-realistic renderings to all stakeholders in an interactive 3D viewer. Create and populate visually stunning virtual 3D stores in minutes. Quickly gather annotations and update fast.

Spend less time chasing approvals with Share and Approve and Store Visualizer

Design diecut

Calculate nested sheet layouts to minimize production cost. Automatically generate ejection rubber profiles and counterplates.

Reduce diecut design cycle times by 10-20% with ArtiosCAD

Take control of your approval cycles with Esko Share & Approve!

Make packaging approvals up to 3 times shorter with Share & Approve


Increase press uptime

Limit press changeovers to merely changing plates. Shorten job turnarounds with more combo and gang runs. Reduce ink inventory and print brand colors accurately by matching up to 90% of the PANTONE ® colors.

Maximize production capacity by 50% with Equinox expanded gamut printing technology

Boost the number of jobs without increasing headcount

The business impact of fixed palette printing demystified


Make flexo plates

Take full control over prepress and make outstanding plates for best-in-class flexo corrugated postprint. Expose with XPS Crystal UV LED for the most consistent plate quality Software and hardware assisted plate mounting with Digital Flexo Suite seamlessly integrate with our Kongsberg digital finishing tables.

Achieve superb flexo print results with the CDI Crystal XPS family of plate making equipment 

Print Control Wizard Sample Kit

Request a flexo sample kit & have a look at the high-end quality


Plan logistics

Import the structural design file into the palletization software and it determines the best case count, and pallet and truck loading arrangements.

Optimize truck loading space and lower your carbon footprint with Cape Pack and Cape Truckfill

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You don’t have to do this alone!

With the right software to streamline every part of your workflow, and a team of specialists to assist you every step of the way, Esko is the ideal partner to help build success.

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