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Improve quality with intelligent data capture

Esko’s packaging management solution helps marketing and packaging teams boost time to market and gain market share. Getting specification and briefing correct at the very start is critical. It helps in speeding up the overall go-to-market process, it also reduces the risk of project failure significantly.

Data capture

Improve quality with data capture

Organizational silos

Remove organizational silos

Relevant information

Relevant information at the right time

Powerful capabilities

The powerful briefing and specification capabilities reduce the time to brief new projects by up to 60%.

Today’s teams are more diverse than ever and need an easy to use, responsive system that allows them to work their way and to collaborate with minimal system interaction.


Powerful artwork management software.

Free 30-day guided demo. Easy setup.

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Custom templates

Easily configure templates based on best practice

Esko's responsive, mobile enabled specification tool allows for briefing templates to be configured for your organization, based on industry best practice. This gathers the right project information, while allowing it to be easily searchable and reused on similar projects.

Additionally, the packaging management solution gathers all possible data from third party systems so that data doesn’t have to be reentered over and over again, helping assure accuracy.

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