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Speed up time to market while protecting the single source of truth

As marketing and packaging programs become more complex, the need to automate and manage them for efficiency, transparency and risk management is clear.

Esko’s packaging management solution is unique in that it manages both marketing and packaging programs, both work-in-progress and finalized assets, and supports the development of these assets.

Single source of truth

Unify brand assets in a single
source of truth

Stop watch

Reduce errors: maintain compliance

Stop watch

Unprecedented transparency
drives time to market

Reduce errors & recalls:
maintain regulatory compliance

Over 50% of recalls are related to the labelling or to the packaging artwork. Over 60% of recalls are caused by human error. Esko’s packaging management solution offers the integration; content management and control that you need to reduce errors and stay in compliance.

What’s more, Esko helps companies in the highly regulated industries control and maintain their GMP compliance with ease.

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GMP compliance

Powerful artwork management software.

Free 30-day guided demo. Easy setup.

WebCenter QuickStart for Brands
Keep track of annotations

Create audit trails

Jobs are routed in the background for design and review, ensuring that the right people see the right materials at the right time for review and comment.

No more emailing files back and forth; no longer puzzling over whether your legal staff has reviewed materials for compliance. The system takes care of the mundane tasks and tracks all comments, creating an audit trail.

Esko customer research

How significant is WebCenter for ensuring you prevent recalls?

WebCenter is the main driver in preventing recalls: 13%
WebCenter is highly significant in preventing recalls: 31%
WebCenter is signifcant in preventing recalls: 44%
WebCenter is somewhat significant in preventing recalls: 13%
WebCenter is not significant in preventing recalls: 0%

Control & leverage your brand assets: protect the Single Source of Truth

Esko’s packaging management solution serves as a Single Source of Truth, enabling brands to control and leverage their finalized assets and eliminate costly rework. Powerful and intuitive search capabilities ensure that partners and staff can find the materials they need and use them only for the intended purpose.

Utilizing digital asset management, users can download images, videos and other assets in the size and format that is appropriate for their use. Even better, you know what is being used by whom and for what purpose!!

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