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Make the best packaging
and do it faster

Give your design and marketing teams the tools to create the best packaging and to ‘fail fast’.

Esko’s packaging design tools helps brands increase their time to market by up to 50%.

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Complete integration of CAD and graphic design

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All design versions are part of an audit trail

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Approval process gets a boost with real-time visualization

3D design in Adobe® Illustrator®

Designers create artwork in Adobe® Illustrator®. Esko’s Studio software allows them to integrate key packaging requirements, such nutrition or drug fact labeling templates into packaging files before linking them to larger marketing campaigns. Graphic packaging design becomes a whole lot easier!

Studio also allows designers to make hyper realistic 3D images of their packaging proposals.

Find out how Nike uses Esko’s Studio to design packaging easier, faster & better Nike
Studio Designer - Create packaging and labels in 3D

Powerful artwork management software.

Free 30-day guided demo. Easy setup.

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Create perfect pack shots or present complete shop floors

Esko Studio supports the visualization of packaging, including all print effects, such as metallics and embossing.

It also makes it possible to combine different shapes into 3D compositions, with realistic lighting and shadow effects. This allows design teams to be more innovative, allowing them to “fail fast” and pursue creative, disruptive design without the hassle of costly prototyping.

In addition, Studio Store Visualizer allows teams to test packaging ideas in a dynamic, virtual retail environment, with setup happening in minutes rather than days, especially when integrating with planogram software. Find out more about working with a 3D store.

Reduce your carbon footprint
by rightsizing your packaging

With Esko’s CAD editor ArtiosCAD and palletization software Cape, designers can easily determine the best product size, case count, case size and pallet load. This way, they make sure that products get to market in the most efficient and ecologically sound way.

Optimize your container load
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