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Drive strategy with insights from performance dashboards

Esko’s packaging management system comes with powerful reporting and performance dashboards. These provide insight into the use and the performance of assets, which allows your teams to adapt strategy when necessary.

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Improve processes with analytics

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Operational reporting on KPIs

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Operational and analytical reporting on the performance of your go-to-market is the only way that processes improve.

Flexible and configurable dashboards update you on the status of the program and even allows users to start new processes. Even better, Esko’s platform allows you to capture the reason for a rejection, better identifying issues that may be slowing your process.

Additionally, reporting on finished materials offers insights into where and how files are used and the associated results. This allows for fine tuning of programs and processes.

If you already have a clear analytics strategy Esko’s data model allows you to integrate those with ease.

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