Test your packaging in a 3D store

Build a 3D store and populate it with your packaging!

  • Test your designs in a hyper realistic virtual retail environment
  • Interact with packaging in a virtual environment
  • See your new packaging designs, on the shelf, next to the competition

3D Store design

In Studio Store Visualizer you can build your own store, just pick floor and ceiling style and start configuring isles and shelf layouts.

You can also work with a spherical (360 degree) photograph of a real store and put virtual mock-ups on the empty spots. They blend in almost perfectly.

You can place items on the floor or put them up on the walls. Or dress up the shelves with branded fronts and dividers. The Shelf creation wizard offers a step by step approach to build shelves. Present the complete store concept for your brand in the most visual way.

Virtual reality goggles

Virtual Reality compatibility & stereoscopic rendering

View your virtual store on a 3D screen or in real immersive virtual reality with stereoscopic rendering. Outfit your customers or stakeholders with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive goggles and let them interact with the store.

Build your 3D store quickly using actual planogram data

Studio Store Visualizer Prime comes with retail planogram software integration. It allows you to import common planogram software file formats. Create and populate visually stunning virtual 3D stores in minutes rather than days!

The software is able to display barcodes; pricing and other metadata associated with each of the imported products, and is ideal for use in store planning and category management.

Studio Store Visualizer Window
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