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Content Management is a solution that allows designers to specify, manage, and reuse content (text, claims, etc.) to be placed on artwork designs without manual copy and pasting. It is an integrated module within the WebCenter workflow management solution.

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What Challenges do You Face?

To meet the evolving demand of consumers, the number of product SKUs continues to multiply and with it, the growing need for artwork updates. But it is expensive to outsource these updates and time is wasted fixing errors, duplicating content, and communicating accurate information across teams.

With Content Management, empower your team to:

Reduce risk and increase compliance by getting artwork right first time

Save time and cut costs by simplifying artwork updates

Increase speed to market by standardizing content across the entire organization

Reduce Risk and Increase Compliance with Quality Content

Create content correctly the first time by reducing copy/paste errors. Standardize the content collation process, define content ownership, and track changes. Feed content into the creative tool so designers can easily use, and re-use approved content.

Save Time and Reduce Cost on Artwork Updates

Connect content to artwork design tools so you can update more artwork in less time with the same amount of resources. Perform artwork updates in-house to reduce the cost and timeline of outsourcing, and reuse content to drive down translation costs.

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Increase Speed to Market

Outline a clear process for creating and maintaining content across the whole company as part of the WebCenter workflow tool. Quickly move through the approval process with easy compare tools and low risk of errors.

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