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Will your package be ready
when your product is?

We understand how frustrating it can be to create, manage, and
approve all packaging information on time. Esko can help.

Reduce errors in your packaging process

40% of product recalls occur due to packaging errors. Protect your company and save your brand reputation.

Solutions for your industry

Esko has extensive industry expertise in the consumer goods, pharma & life sciences,  and retail industries, and is continually innovating our packaging technologies to keep pace with industry-specific trends while addressing your business needs. Learn more:

Hear from our customers

"We have doubled our volume of work with the same number of people. Processes which before took months can now be completed in less than a month."

Agustí Mercè, Product Operations Planning Manager, Almirall

Improve Packaging with VR & Consumer Insights

Virtual stores and eye-tracking solutions are a new way to “test drive” your packaging or seasonal displays with research participants before it hits the retail store or shelf. Register today to learn the benefits to bringing consumer research in-house versus utilizing a third-party provider, and how Esko Consumer Insights for Store Visualizer can help you successfully design, market, and better position your product on the shelf.

Tuesday, February 4th 2020
9:00am CST/4pm CET