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How Esko’s Studio Helped Nike® to Design Packaging Easier, Faster and Better

Nike® is the most valuable – and one of the most famous – clothing brands in the world. In 2017, its Global Football Division started using Esko’s Studio for packaging design, leading to considerable improvements in user-experience, concept communication and time-savings.

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The Challenge:

Nike was seeking a tool that was compatible with Adobe® Illustrator® and could save time in creating high quality 3D design images.

The Solution:

Esko’s Studio, a unique set of tools for 3D packaging design made specifically for packaging artwork professionals.

The Benefits:

a fast and easy way to turn ideas into 3D images, whether for inspiration in the design process, to impress internal clients, or to help make key decisions more quickly.

Case Study Summary

Matt Maghan, Production Designer at Nike, is responsible for designing the packaging templates for the Global Football Division at the company, working on anything from inflatable footballs to goalkeeper gloves. He is, in his own words, “passionate about packaging and printing, especially for Nike.”

Matt was looking for a solution, compatible with Adobe® Illustrator®, to make the process of creating and reviewing 3D images of his designs considerably easier.

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Design: Understand how the artwork will look on the package. Changes are instantly visible.

Content: Determine if the required content will fit on the package.

Approval: Secure agreement from all Nike stakeholders using 3D images instead of prototypes.

Communication: Communicate design intent to external suppliers who will produce the packaging, often in distant locations around the globe.

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