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Arka Packaging Ensuring International Success with ArtiosCAD

Arka Packaging is revolutionizing custom packaging and Esko ArtiosCAD software is a vital tool in the company’s operations.

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The Challenge:

Creating quality customized packaging in minutes.

The Solution:

A powerhouse behind structural design tools.

The Benefits:

Realizing the vision quicker than ever before.

Case Study Summary

Founded by CEO Phillip Akhzar in San Francisco in 2015, Arka Packaging is revolutionizing custom packaging, putting the power to design directly into the hands of business owners. Its online tools enable a wide variety of direct to consumer (D2C) companies to personalize their full range of packaging, including shipping boxes, delivering a heightened consumer experience.

The challenge faced by Arka and other packaging companies is ensuring that customers’ specific requests are fulfilled not just quickly, but also with unerring accuracy and structural integrity.

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Arka has saved hours of design work with ArtiosCAD.

ArtiosCAD has been integral in streamlining Arka Packaging’s workflow to operate more efficiently.

Arka’s turnaround times have shrunk significantly compared to when they have used other CAD software options.

ArtiosCAD saves Arka Packaging time, resources, and money.

“In today’s competitive retail landscape, the unboxing experience is more important than ever, particularly for the increasing number of online-only companies and subscription box services who don’t have a physical store within which to interact with customers,” said Sarah Mooney, Chief Marketing Officer, at Arka Packaging. “Whether reinforced with physical in-store presence or not, the moment of unboxing is the culmination of days or even weeks of anticipation on the part of the consumer.”

Already serving more than 3,000 customers globally, including some of the world’s best known D2C companies, Arka operates and maintains a network of worldwide packaging manufacturers and fulfilment centers, communicating with them on behalf of its customers. Its client portfolio includes e-commerce and D2C businesses locally and internationally.

“It is vital to impress, not just to ensure satisfaction, but also to drive brand loyalty and encourage repeat business,” said Sarah. “It can also be an invaluable marketing opportunity thanks to the social media boom, where a great review or Youtuber unboxing video can deliver a significant bottom-line boost.”

Arka was created specifically to empower businesses to capitalize on this valuable ‘moment of truth’, enhancing the experience they are able to deliver to their customers by creating custom packaging that truly reflects their unique brand values, reinforces brand consistency and perceived product worth.

Arka is focused on bringing the speed and versatility of the internet age to deliver a customized packaging industry. It offers an easy to use online and app-accessible 3D box editor allowing anyone to create customized packaging in mere minutes, removing the need for a multitude of calls, emails, faxes and meetings. This is particularly useful for small companies and start-ups, whose valuable time can be invested in product development and business growth, safe in the knowledge that their packaging is taken care of.

The challenge faced by Arka and other packaging companies is ensuring that customers’ specific requests are fulfilled not just quickly, but also with unerring accuracy and structural integrity.
Esko ArtiosCAD software is the powerhouse behind its customer-facing structural design tools and allows ease of use not only for Arka’s customers but also makes the lives of its in-house designers simpler.

“ArtiosCAD is world-leading software and is unrivalled in structural packaging design. It aids not only the initial creation of a pack but is also equipped with resizable templates and a number of dedicated tools for product development, virtual prototyping and manufacturing, helping to streamline the entire production process,” said Dante Cho, Graphic Designer at Arka Packaging.

“We’re doing this because we come from the customer’s perspective,” said Dante Cho. “An $850Bn global industry like packaging needs comprehensive software to help it scale. Historically, the industry has been slow to move forward and progress but that is changing thanks to solutions like ArtiosCAD.

“ArtiosCAD has helped us to save hours of design work by turning our customers’ designs into resizable templates, which can then be altered as necessary without having to start again from scratch,” said Dante Cho. “Its powerful integrated rebuild design feature also makes it straightforward to parametrically rebuild designs with new geometric values.”

The design and drafting tools of ArtiosCAD incorporate functions that structural designers need to get their job done accurately and efficiently. The tool alignment and snapping features provide graphical feedback, helping both experienced and new users immediately become more productive. Complete 3D integration also allows for quick prototyping of designs and presentations, eliminating communication errors and reducing design review cycles.

As a fast growing start-up, exceeding expectations is crucial to driving customer satisfaction and loyalty at Arka, particularly in terms of reducing turnaround times. It is therefore vital that the company’s digital infrastructure is able to offer the responsiveness and flexibility required, particularly in the case of last-minute changes to a design.

Sarah Mooney added: “ArtiosCAD has been integral in streamlining our workflow and enabling us to operate as an efficient, fast-paced team. Our designers are confident that they have the right tools at their disposal to deal with any challenge, enabling them to pass this confidence on in their communication with customers and to build trust. As a company, we are able to be more responsive and have seen our turnaround times shrink significantly compared to when we have used other CAD software options.

“The easy-to-use 3D interface allows the quick customization our customers come to us for, as well as meaning we can show customers exactly how their packaging is going to assemble and function, said Dante Cho. “For example, we recently completed a project with one of the world’s leading tech giants to package a retail product in which the design required seven separate pieces that work together. With ArtiosCAD, we were able to not just describe but actually demonstrate how the pieces function seamlessly together. We were also able to make quick changes as the project developed without needing to create multiple physical mock-ups to show to the customer – saving time, resources and money.

“ArtiosCAD really is our key software – we use it for everything,” said Sarah Mooney “It has helped us to achieve the impressive growth we have experienced so far and will definitely be integral as we take our business to the next level. In ArtiosCAD, Esko has undoubtedly created the best CAD program in the world. Our brand value is therefore increased through using it to power our design tools, acting as an immediate assurance of quality for our customers and investors alike.”

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