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WebCenter for Corrugated

Digitizing processes and improving efficiency for corrugated converters

WebCenter: A packaging management solution for brands & suppliers

for Corrugated

WebCenter for Corrugated is a packaging design management solution that has been tailored to help corrugated converters keep pace with the demands of a rapidly changing business environment.

Digitizing processes improves efficiency

Digitizing your design management and collaboration processes will improve process efficiency and streamline communication between your departments, with your customers, and your suppliers.

A turnkey solution

The WebCenter for Corrugated solution comes complete with a full package of go live services and support that simplify and accelerate the process of getting you up and running. It has never been this easy to get started with packaging design management.

WebCenter for Corrugated

Eliminate costly bottlenecks

Understanding the benefits of a connected design workflow

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WebCenter for Corrugated features

WebCenter: intuitive workflows

Powerful BI reporting tools

Make your data even more powerful with new smart reporting tools, which provide critical business insights, including reasons of rejection, where to optimize workflows, and where the bottlenecks are in your process.

enhanced workflows

Enhanced dashboard functionality

Complete work faster with a powerful and intuitive user interface. Increase the speed of creating and editing styles with Global Dashboard Styling and provide a firmer focus for your teams with a to-do list function, which allows users to filter and sort tasks.

WebCenter: standardized workflows

Standardized workflows

Standardized, industry-specific, best practice workflows for structural design, artwork and estimate requests. These workflows ensure that tasks are always carried out by the right person at the right time.

Digital job specification

Digital job specification

Digital job specification ensures that job information is always presented clearly. Mistakes are reduced because nothing is ever lost or missed.

Central design database

Central design database

Centralization of the design database ensures easy storage and sharing of design assets across departments and geographical locations.

Fast online approvals

Fast online approvals

Fast online approvals remove one of the major delay bottlenecks in the packaging design process. Approval cycles become visible, transparent, and traceable.

Integration with MIS

Integration with MIS

Optional integration with MIS allows bi-directional communication that eliminates double data entry and enables further automation of the workflow.

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