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What’s new in Studio 20.0.1

Check out what’s new in the Studio 20.0.1 presentation.

What’s new in Studio 20 and Store Visualizer 20?

Visit the Esko Innovation Hub or download the presentation.

What’s new in Studio 18.1 and Studio Store Visualizer 18.1?

More import formats for Studio Toolkit

  • 3D Studio Max (3DS)
  • Blender (BLEND)
  • FBX (Autodesk but supported by others:
    Cinema 4D, Lightwave 3D, Maya, etc.)
  • Open source formats: STL, DXF, OFF

Note: Basic material properties, like color, are imported but textures will be discarded.

More import formats

new interaction mode

New interaction mode

In Scene Settings, choose the method you prefer when changing the view in the Studio window:

  • Orbit the Camera: the previous method for changing the view; all existing files will open with this setting (but you can change it).
  • Spin the Model: a new option where the lighting and camera are fixed and the model turns – as if it was on a “turntable” (the default for all new files).

Tip: If you change this option for an existing Illustrator file, save the file to make it the default when you next open it.

Custom lighting environments

Load your own lighting environments from the Scene Settings dialog:

  • Currently supporting the OpenEXR (.exr) format
  • Many free-to-download websites for both HDRI (.hdr) and EXR files

Tip: Adobe Photoshop can open and convert files between HDRI and OpenEXR formats.

custom lightning examples 1

custom lightning examples 2

Custom lighting environments – working with Scene Presets

  • When you save a Scene Preset, custom lighting environments are embedded in the preset
  • Imported lighting environments are also linked to the Illustrator document
    • Illustrator will prompt for a missing link but…
    • You still need the original lighting environment file to view your file as it was saved – a good reason to use Scene Presets

Known limitation: Custom lighting environments are NOT embedded when exporting to Collada – the Esko Viewers will default to using Studio’s “Office” environment.

Tip: Save a custom lighting environment as part of a Scene Preset to quickly it use on future files

Flute direction for ArtiosCAD files

In Studio’s Change Board dialog, you can change the flute direction for ArtiosCAD files.

  • Changes both the fluting on the edge of the board and the face of the board
  • Save As… a copy to be placed back in your Illustrator document
Flute direction for ArtiosCAD files

scene settings

What’s new in Studio Store Visualizer 18.1?

Improved User Experience (UI/UX)

  • Improved video memory management delivers memory savings of up to 40% without affecting quality
  • Product Viewer optionally brings the product directly in front of the camera
  • Touch based model browser to create products and shelving while in touch mode
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