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Design packaging in 3D, in Adobe Illustrator.


What’s new in 23.03

Sample Material Presets

We’ve included several Material Preset examples to show how Studio’s basic material types can be tuned to simulate a wide variety of materials. Use or modify these to render hyper-realistic images for presentations and ecommerce.

More Material Types

Two new basic material types have been added to simulate even more real-world materials, including:

  • Cloudy Liquid: for simulating milk, orange juice, ketchup, or coffee
  • Materials from a texture: import an image to simulate natural materials like wood or molded fiber

Enhanced Image Export

When rendering a ray-traced image, you can now include realistic shadows with a transparent background to produce impactful images for presentations and ecommerce.

New and Improved Shapes Store

Studio’s Shapes Store has been moved to Esko Cloud and has a new look! 

  • Access the new Shapes Store in the same way as always
  • Faster access and downloads
  • Now free for everyone using Studio: no maintenance contract required for perpetual license users

What’s new in 22.03

Diecut for Flexibles

  • Embed diecutting operations into flexible packaging in Studio Toolkit
  • Diecuts, hanger and hand holes, notches, curved edges and more are now built in to the model

Ray Tracing Enhancements

  • When selecting a part in Studio, the selection lines now highlight as in Visualizer Quality making it easier and faster to identify, select and modify materials or assign artwork to printable parts
  • New export function “Keep vertical lines parallel” is now possible in Ray Tracing Quality

What’s new in 21.11

Support for Apple Silicon processors

  • Studio now supported on 10.14 (Mojave), 10.15 (Catalina), 11 (Big Sur), 12 (Monterey)
The first Apple Silicon chip

New Viewer Compare

  • The Viewer Compare is now running native inside Ai and integrated in the Esko Viewer allowing a much faster comparison of two documents
  • New support for ISO Processing Steps

Faster ray-traced rendering with better quality

Ability to offload Larger, high-resolution images in less time on your desktop

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