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Comparing Editions…                                              
Studio Essentials                                              
Studio Advanced                                                  
 Studio Designer    
 Studio Visualizer    
 Toolkit for Boxes
Toolkit for Labels
 Esko Shapes Store
 WebCenter Connector
 Studio Viewer Mobile Apps
 Toolkit for Shrink Sleeves
 Toolkit for Flexibles
Comparing Editions …                                        
Store Visualizer Advanced                                         

Store Visualizer Prime                                    
High-quality Rendering Engine    
Spherical Store Templates (5)    
Virtual Store Creation Engine    
Physics Engine
Dynamic Lighting    
Stereo 3D Viewing    
Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Support
Touch Screen Support    
 Shelf Creation Tool  
Manual Wizard
Full automation for planograms
 Metadata Support  
 Import Cape Pack Pallets    
Import Planograms    
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