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Pack Proof

Color Accurate Proofing
Accurately model the spot color and expanded gamut ink systems used to print brand colors.


Color Accurate Proofing of Packaging Designs

Accuracy of brand colors is highly important in packaging. Pack Proof can accurately model the spot color and expanded gamut ink systems used to print brand colors, delivering a contract proof that matches the final packaging the first time, every time.

Color swatches
Packaging design program window

One Technology, Identical Output on All Devices

Maintain consistency between plate production and proofing with Pack Proof. Powered by Imaging Engine, it offers versatile imaging technology for CTP production in flexo and offset, ensuring high performance across various devices like proofers, CDI, and plate makers.

Esko Equinox and Pack Proof

Esko Equinox enables extended gamut printing in CMYK or with up to 7 inks. Pack Proof can then deliver accurate contract proofs for expanded gamut jobs, simplifying the process.

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Fully Integrated Color Proofing

Magnifying glass on a color palette

Based on Color Engine and Imaging Engine Technology

Consistent, high-performance proofing across devices, seamlessly integrating with Esko software solutions.

Connects with Automation Engine

Color proofing parameters can be controlled from Automation Engine tickets and feedback.

Ensure Color Precision with Pack Proof

Pack Proof models spot colors and expanded gamut ink systems to deliver contract proofs that match brand colors flawlessly, every time.

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