i-cut Production Console

i-cut Production Console is the next generation front-end for efficient operation of Kongsberg cutting tables.

The next generation front-end for Kongsberg cutting tables

The intuitive, completely redesigned, user interface enables straightforward and efficient operation. The improved front-end allows operators to get the most out of the Kongsberg tables while optimizing day to day production.

Intuitive user interface

The new, intuitive user interface helps the operator with all aspects of the production. From preparing jobs to keeping an eye on the ongoing production: the i-cut Production Console prevents errors and speeds up your operation.

i-cut Production Console - The next generation front-end for Kongsberg cutting tables
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i-cut Production Console enables MultiZone production

MultiZone production

i-cut Production Console allows MultiZone production: the surface of the Kongsberg table is divided into two or more zones. This allows production in one zone, while the operator offloads the finished jobs and put on new material in the other zones. The table automatically switches on the vacuum to speed up the whole process. For more information, watch the video.

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