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Automate your digital finishing workflow

Eliminate errors, save time, reduce waste and optimize performance with Automation Engine. Meeting your customer’s needs can be challenging as delivery times are often the same day. Automating your prepress workflow is a good way to produce more efficiently.

Automation Engine automated workflow server for your large format and digital cutting workflow.

  • Automatically prepares your files for digital printing
  • Automatically nests or tiles your jobs
  • Automatically creates low res proofs
  • Offers sophisticated workflows & tasks
  • Reduces errors
  • Reduces staff overtime
  • Reduces material waste
Performance boost:
  • Increases your margins
  • Increases your turn around time
  • Increases your customer service

Automation in Sign & Display Graphics Business at PSP Retail


Automation Engine automates the entire prepress production process.

With Automation Engine, you can now prepare and nest your jobs through dynamic workflows. These workflows can be started in a fully automated way. This results in far less operator interventions and no manual repetitive tasks. This results in fewer potential errors.

Through Mac or PC clients, operators can easily monitor the workflow and intervene when necessary through a comprehensive status job list.

Integrate with your business systems

Automation Engine can also be integrated with MIS systems. This enables a link between the business- and the prepress system. This does not only avoid double entry, it will also automatically initiate the workflow via XML and take the right decisions in the process.


On a monthly basis, we are growing 40-45% compared to the previous year. At the moment, already 30% of our jobs are completely automatic. From the time the customer sends us the job specs and the print file, nobody touches the job.

Simone Gatto, Pixartprinting

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Do more in less time

Time to market is mission critical. Therefore, optimizing the process between customer files coming in and printing or cutting is essential. Reducing waste and minimizing errors are key factors to stay ahead of the competition Automation Engine is designed to do exactly that.


Since we transitioned to an automated workflow, we are more efficient, as the processing is done by the workflow, not the operator. Our company has grown 100% and we have not increased our headcount in the art department. We use i-cut Suite on every job on a daily basis and could not live without it.

Robert Farfort, Data Image

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