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Reduce lead times with Illustrator® plugins.

DeskPack: Premium prepress plugins for Adobe® Illustrator®

What’s new in 23.07

Efficiently manage your approval cycles

Seamlessly connect your prepress operations with your customers using our complimentary gateway to Esko Share & Approve.

  • Enjoy 50 complimentary approval cycles per month
  • Share files, automate workflows, gather approvals, track milestones
  • Upload PDF files to share with colleagues and customers
  • View and review your files directly in DeskPack

What’s new in 23.03

Seamlessly connect your prepress to your customers with a complimentary gateway to Esko Share & Approve (Pre-release)

View and review files directly in DeskPack:

  • Upload files to share with colleagues and customers 
  • Create and review annotations made by others
  • Kick start approval cycles

What’s new in 22.11

Dynamic Subscriptions

Simplify global management and distribution of licenses across all sites with our new cloud-based licensing model for on-premise applications.

  • Eliminate time consuming and costly license transfers. Licenses no longer belong to the individual but can be accessed by anyone in the ‘pool’ at any time until you reach your limit of purchased licenses. Once the user closes the application, the license goes back into the ‘pool’.
  • Allow for efficient and flexible license usage, including shift work, occasional usage and distribution across regions.
  • Reduce the need for license administration by IT or prepress managers – use online cloud portal and services to easily assign a pool of licenses to a group of users from any location.

What’s new in 22.07

Printing unit support

Reduce errors and reprints with easy management of surface and reverse-printed packaging and labels.

  • Minimize error risk by working with only one file, whether you’re printing design surface or reverse.
  • Easily control production flow by adding printing unit information. Manage the behavior of marks, mirroring the output, or naming of output files.

Add bleed

Extend artwork beyond the cut with just one click, even on complex backgrounds

  • Save up to 20 minutes per job by easily adding bleed to any piece of artwork, including those with vectors, gradients, transparencies, and overprints.
  • Avoid production holdups – you’ll no longer have to go back to the customer for new data.

What’s new in 22.03

Barcode enhancements

  • New GS1 Application Identifier 715 - Support for National Healthcare Reimbursement Number of series 715
    (United States of America FDA)
  • New AZTEC code

PDF+ export: Grid Parameters

PowerLayout grid(s) exported to PDF+ remain editable in ArtPro+

Plate ID: Object

  • In combination with Esko Flexo Engine you can inject Plate ID objects that help you digitize and simplify the process of plate identification
  • Convert graphics into Plate ID objects to be used as non- printing marking of your flexo plates

Improved Viewer Compare functions

  • Align on selection - automatically align compared files based on the best match of graphic
  • Map Separations - compare shared plates/cylinders or common finishing of different jobs you can now chose the
    separation pairing

What’s new in 21.11

Barcode enhancements

  • New barcode types Eberle and CIP-39 added
  • Snap Bars to output resolution

New Viewer Compare

  • The Viewer Compare is now running native inside Ai and integrated in the
    Esko Viewer allowing a much faster comparison of two documents
  • New support for ISO Processing Steps

Trapping: Optional Overshoot

For small or thin objects, the trapping engine automatically assesses the visual impact of traps overshooting into adjacent colors. If preferred, you can now turn the automatic overshoot off.

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