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Cape Pack

Cape Pack Essentials

Cape Pack Essentials is a simple and practical program for solving pallet loading problems. Use this pallet loading software and within a few seconds of entering your data you can view a range of on-screen diagrams and reports so finding the right pallet pattern is easy. Solutions and reports are stored in the cloud to easily share and review with colleagues and stake holders anywhere in the world.

This trial includes full Cape Pack Advanced functionality.

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Pallet patterns in the Cloud

Cape Pack delivers next generation palletization in the Cloud, and is the first to offer an end-to-end solution via a Cloud platform, from data input and calculations to reporting.

Additional new cloud features enable you to:

  • Save all information in the cloud for easy viewing and sharing.
  • Easily share palletization reports complete with load formatting, edited layer patterns and truck analysis data.

The new interface makes it very easy for users to make critical, up-to-the-minute, changes shareable within anyone, anywhere. As a result, you can accelerate design and approval processes and cut cycle times. Whilst at the same time building more efficient pallet patterns and optimizing cube space utilization.

Efficient pallet pattern building

This program calculates pallet patterns for fixed or known secondary package sizes. You enter the size of the bottle, box, tray, case, bag, etc. that is to be placed directly onto the pallet. It will allow you to calculate pallet patterns on 3 different sets of pallet restrictions at one time in order to compare efficiencies.

Mixed Loading

A separate program will allow you to create Display Pallets with mixed case or tray sizes.

You can use this program for a single mixed load or you can fill a full order of items with the Order Fulfillment option.

Cape Pack - Mixed Loading

Cape Pack - KDF for Corrugated manufacturers

KDF for Corrugated manufacturers

Our Knocked-Down-Flat program is perfect for helping estimate full loads of flat cases that are to be shipped to your customer.

The numbers don’t lie

Companies around the world are using Esko’s Cape Pack and Cape Truckfill to reduce their ecological footprint. Cape Pack is dedicated palletizing software that allows you to improve product sizing and to create new case sizes, build the most efficient pallet design; and improve material and cube utilization.

Using Cape Pack software, one of the world’s largest pre-packaged food companies optimized its packaging and pallet layout. The results speak for themselves:

  • The new, improved, package uses 78% less material by weight
  • It uses 66% less corrugate or 778 fewer trees (114 tons) per 1000 pallets of product
  • The new design saves 933 million BTU’s per 1000 pallets
  • Saves 184,943 lbs (83888.73kg) of CO2 per 1000 pallets
  • Saves 465,281 gallons (1761,28 m³) of waste water per 1000 pallets
  • Saves 51,670 lbs (23437,11kg) of solid waste per 1000 pallets
  • The new package offers 32% reduction of fossil fuel consumption & GHG emissions over the old package
Additional Features
  • Corrugated Compression Strength program for predicting box strength
  • Interfaces with ArtiosCAD
  • WebCenter Connector browser
  • Printing and Export options, load protection formatting, and more come standard with this base module
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