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What’s new in 23.07

Share and approve files in the cloud

  • Esko Cloud link simplifies file sharing and approval in the cloud. Users can generate clickable links to any Share & Approve files and view annotations directly in Automation Engine. Instant and precise feedback through shared annotations ensures efficient collaboration.

Color on EskoCloud

  • Users can now share color data with just one click, ensuring consistent and reliable color reproduction regardless of location. Enjoy the convenience of simplified color management, guaranteeing excellent results throughout the production process.

What’s new in 23.03

New Viewing Engine

Increase quality with an improved user experience and new features 

  • View CAD files – improve your quality control by easily viewing all the layers within the CAD file in Automation Engine 
  • 3D viewing tools – reduce scope for error and easily pick-up incorrect elements by viewing the final artwork files in 3D
  • New text tools - search for text in the file and highlight text that violates minimum point size

What’s new in 22.11

Multi MIS Support

Easily resolve conflicting or duplicate IDs after consolidation, by automatically adding a prefix with Automation Engine SaaS. Information is passed back to the correct locations MIS system.

  • Continue to work as you do today, without making changes to your MIS
  • Eliminate the risk of overwriting data
  • Allocate your own prefix
  • Easily identify jobs and products from different MIS systems

Location Filtering

Assure additional security for your clients by assigning specific privileges to your users’ accounts, determining who can access Jobs, Products, Tasks and To-dos, based on the new location field.

  • Create a more secure way to handle your data internally
  • Assign one or more locations to a user of Automation Engine – those users will only be able to access the data associated to those locations
  • Update your existing Jobs and Products with the new location field, to apply the privileges to existing Jobs and Products

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Eliminate the need to perform additional administration of users on Automation Engine. Instead, link Automation Engine to your own Authentication System (Azure AD, OKTA), to manage which users have access.

  • Improve your security by controlling user access from one point only
  • Easily connect Automation Engine to your system through our simple interface with token access
  • Automatically create users and assign them to the correct group
  • When a user is removed from your system, they will no longer have access to Automation Engine

What’s new in 22.07

Save on storage costs with Esko Cloud

  • Automation Engine SaaS users can now reduce storage costs and speed up the process to file and store inactive jobs and products on Esko Cloud. Tidy up your server by quickly and easily offloading job and product data to our secure Cloud data library.
  • Offload Production data quickly and easily with the Esko Cloud storage solution
  • Benefit from more cost-effective filing of job data, available to access anytime, from any device on Esko Cloud storage.
Prepress automation with Esko Automation Engine

Next generation Color Preflight

Color accuracy and consistency is a key concern for brands, print buyers & converters – so it’s vital that you can deliver this, regardless of run length or substrate. With next generation Color Preflight, you can.

  • Avoid the production of unsellable materials due to color defect
  • Achieve accuracy on press
  • Simplify your editing process
  • Eliminate manual color matching and speed up your entire workflow
  • Check not only solid colors, but the individual design itself
  • See advanced, detailed reporting
  • Optimize your workflow with seamless MIS integration via cloud-based Automation Engine

Seamless MIS Integration

Automation Engine SaaS deployment customers can now fully benefit from seamless MIS integration, with more MIS partners supporting two-way data flow to optimize processes across your workflows;

  • Improve employee productivity by automating tasks and removing more manual, repetitive tasks
  • Eradicate errors by limiting manual intervention that typically arise from mis-handling job information or duplication of data entry
  • Enable automated two-way communication to accelerate throughput

What’s new in 22.03

New Personalized Usage Dashboards

Use the new, personalized usage dashboards to ensure you are getting the most out of your software investment. Easily analyze data at a glance to identify bottlenecks, optimize, and ultimately reduce operational pressures.   

  • View and optimize commonly used features and workflows across your team
  • Better understand capacity and throughput by monitoring how many files you process with Automation Engine
  • Build configurable reports to feedback insightful data for your company

VDP Enhancements

Create VDP jobs more affordably and faster than ever before with new performance enhancements to support both Illustrator and Native PDF templates. Over and above our current feature set for VDP functions, we have found a way to further improve VDP expansions with new feature enhancements including;

  • Ability to create a separate background file to RIP complex jobs faster
  • Simplified setup by configuring a font folder in the expansion task

What’s new in 21.11

Centralize and Standardize your operations

Model, manage and automate processes across your entire organization

  • Connect to your business data anytime, anywhere - data is no longer stored on site, it is everywhere you are and accessible from your device. With the ability to communicate and share jobs easily, across sites
  • Create consistent and predictable outcomes regardless of production location.
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