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The perfect automated workflow.

Automation Engine: the perfect automated workflow

What’s new In Automation Engine 18.1?

Greater support for PDF+ marks and grids from ArtPro+

  • PDF+ Dynamic Marks are PDF documents created in ArtPro+. They can be used in the Add Dynamic Marks Task or Step & Repeat (Dynamic) tasks.
  • PDF+ Dynamic Marks and Dynamic Marks from DeskPack can be used together in a task.
  • PDF+ marks can be positioned to all page boxes or S&R grids including PDF+ grids and SRT grids.
  • Apply PDF Action Lists created with ArtPro+ that take advantage of new 18.1 actions such as:
    • Set Stroke Overprint
    • Set Stroke Width
    • Reorder Layers (move layer up/down)
    • Update Barcode
    • Update Linked Image
    • Update Linked Placed Art
    • Update Mark
    • Convert to CMYK

Organize Favorites

  • No longer waste time searching for that specific (workflow) ticket
  • Categorize the workflows to suit your needs
  • Create groups of favorite tickets and share across all users

Change Workflow Parameters in ‘Wait for Action (Checkpoint)’ task

  • Add your own parameters to any To Do – message
    • Add checklists
    • Add dropdown menu items
    • Update/change workflow parameters
    • Add comments
    • Add links to files and web pages
  • Use any combination of these options to direct the workflow in the right direction.
Change Workflow Parameters

‘Create ArtiosCAD Layouts’ task

Until today users had to manually create several nested layouts to:

  • Select the one that produces minimal waste.
  • Provide a more accurate estimation of cost.

The task automatically

  • Creates several repetition files (MFG) with different nested layouts.
  • Creates report and preview files that can be sent to a business system.
Create ArtiosCAD Layouts task

Load Structural File’ task

You can now use 9-point positioning to align the structural design file to the graphics file versus a chosen page box. Align it vertically top/center/bottom and horizontally left/center/right.

Load Structural File task

Improvements to Gang Run Printing

  • Bring more flexibility to Gang Run Printing functionality
    • More options to select substrate sizes
      • Typically to make sure offcuts are used first
    • More options to control order of one-ups
    • Edit parameters of one-ups already in queue
    • Move one-ups to a different queue
  • Improved user experience
    • Extra overview showing entries of all substrate queues, in one list
    • 2 new columns in ‘Show Layouts’ mode (Substrate Queue, Order ID)
    • New column ‘Quantity’ in ‘Orders’ View (Device Manager for Kongsberg)

Integrate with Esko Share & Approve

  • Easily share files with your customer
  • Automatically initiate approval processes from Automation Engine workflows
  • When the approval process is complete the workflow continues
  • Decision points in the workflow can determine the next course of action

Please note that these tasks require a Share & Approve account to access your Share &Approve site.

Integrate with Share and Approve

Other Improvements

  • Improved VDP Support
    • Stagger support
    • Increased efficiency in processing VDP jobs
  • Automation Engine is now fully compatible with Windows Server 2019

Please note

  • From this release onwards, these tasks are declared ‘outdated’:
    • Send to Nexus
    • Send to Odystar
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