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Automation Engine

Tailor-made features for seamless workflows

Automation Engine: the perfect automated workflow

Smarter workflows

With Job Management users can automatically create jobs and efficiently organize data storage and the job’s metadata, its link to order ID, due date, customer info and customer service representative contacts.

  • Ensures the correct files are always used
  • Saves time spent searching for files
  • Reduces product recalls
Job Management: Smart & automated data management


Dynamic VDP tools

  • Extended support for VDP templates created in ArtPro+ with PDF+ VDP templates for Roll Fed labels, and the Expand Dynamic VDP function supporting both templates from DeskPack and PDF+ templates from ArtPro+
  • Support for Step & Repeat CAD with new capability to create CAD-based VDP templates in ArtPro+ and extend it by Expand Dynamic VDP data for Step and Repeat tasks

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Top 5 automation myths
in packaging debunked

Top 5 automation myths in packaging debunked

Right first time

With Viewing & QA , content errors are detected on any file type prior to output. Compare versions of the same file, of different files, or between file types (screened, stepped) – there is even barcode scanning and braille reading.

  • Reduces product recalls
  • Higher quality output
  • Discrepancies are caught and resolved automatically
Viewing & QA: Easily detect content errors on production files, prior to output
Automation Engine: 3D Report

Analytics at your fingertips

Automatically create job reports with Reporting and 3D. Enabling you to customize job report card templates and create 3D PDF files to give a 3D view of how the actual job will look.

  • Easy-to-read reports that can be shared with your customer
  • Creating reports is done automatically
  • High quality 3D views

Step and Repeat

With Layout you can automatically step & repeat, impose or nest files for both conventional and digital printing, including variable data processing. The function supports labels, folding carton, corrugated, digital, commercial print, signage or display production, with data acquired from an external database or MIS system to further streamline and automate the overall job processing.

  • Predictable, repeatable and data driven stepping
  • Automated stepping process
  • Reduced manual intervention
Automation Engine: Processor

Report on the fly

The Processor feature automatically checks and corrects supplied files for common errors with full reports generated ad hoc. Not only is this a consistent way of processing incoming files, with separations optimized automatically, but it is also ready for automated variable data expansion and has Enfocus Smart Preflight on board. Enfocus PitStop is also fully integrated into Automation Engine, which allows over 200 checks to be performed automatically.

  • Full reports are dynamically generated against checked files
  • Files are automatically checked and corrected
  • Incoming files are processed in a consistent way

Color Conversion

The Color feature offers centralized color management with ink saving tools and advanced color conversion tasks. The color functionality delivers a reduction of ink consumption and the most stable print quality.

There’s also a distinct reduction of press setup time thanks to an automated conversion into a fixed color set. Furthermore, you can automatically convert from source CMYK to destination CMYK, use Equinox to Convert spot colors to a fixed ink set e.g., CMYKOGV, and UCR, GCR and ink saving can be applied on the fly

  • Predictable, repeatable color conversion
  • Increased press uptime as there are less wash outs required between print runs
  • Cost savings on ink and the ability to run multiple jobs on single press runs

While Automation Engine has more than enough power to drive your prepress workflow, there are a number of optional modules to deliver boosts where you might need it most.

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Did you know?

Esko Share And Approve helps Automation Engine users to speed up approvals from their customers. Find out more.

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