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What’s new in 22.07

Enhanced waste area and station number labelling

Minimize downtime and get back up and running faster by quickly identifying cutting or stripping issues during production.

  • Match waste material to die board location easily by allocating area labels to them.
  • Rotate text or enclose it in circles or rectangles for quick and easy identification of problem areas.
  • Save time with the simplified re-numbering scheme.

Usage dashboards

Gain a deeper insight into your workflows

  • Clearly see which features and functions are most valuable to your business.
  • Allow Esko to discover common user pain points, to enable prioritized product improvement and targeted training – so you can get the most from ArtiosCAD, and your investment.

New FEFCO designs

Get first access to 20 of the 100 newly announced FEFCO designs

  • ArtiosCAD will be the first CAD design software to release parametric design templates of these newly released FEFCO designs
  • Use designs created specifically to cater to new technologies and market changes

Updated 3D import libraries

Link up your workflows with easy importing of SolidWorks 2022 files

  • Easily import 3D models in SolidWorks 2022 format to ArtiosCAD 3D to design right-sized packaging for the product
  • Save time – there’s no need to duplicate or convert your files

What’s new in 22.03

Resizable design templates

Resizable design templates

  • 30 new ECMA folding carton designs added to the Style Catalog
  • 41 new FEFCO corrugated designs added to the Style Catalog
  • over 380 designs added since version 18

Assembly Instructions Tool

  • Dedicated tools to create Assembly Instruction documents in ArtiosCAD
  • Add annotations, symbols, labels, simple headers and footers using new tools within ArtiosCAD
  • Customize instruction panel sequencing and repeat information across panels and pages

Rubber Layout Updates

  • Nested layout features for die ejection rubber have been updated
  • No USB security key required

Enterprise Browser – startup behavior

  • Specify initial browser node at startup

What’s new in 21.11

Waste area labeling

In combination with Esko Flexo Engine simply convert graphics into Plate ID objects to use as a non-printed marking.

  • Automatic waste area labeling
  • Quickly identify die-cutting problem areas
  • Reduce production down-time
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