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ArtiosCAD Preflight
Quality control for your structural designs

With varying experience levels of design staff, structural design decisions can often cause die cutting inefficiencies. These decisions can turn out to be costly. An optimal structural design, however, reduces your setup time and boosts die press speeds.

An industry first

ArtiosCAD is the leading structural design applicaton for folding carton and corrugated packaging. ArtiosCAD 18.1 features an Industry first: ArtiosCAD Preflight will analyze your structural designs and flags all quality issues.

This patent-pending technology alerts packaging designers of potential production issues in their structural designs before the design is released to estimating or production.

Benefits of ArtiosCAD Preflight

  • Faster design times
    • Save up to 15 minutes per design by eliminating manual checks
    • Best in class design principles are validated
  • Consistent design quality
    • All your designers use the same design checks
  • Quality control at the click of a button
    • Reduce the iterative cycles between design and die making
    • Create accurate production-ready designs
  • Improve die press throughput
    • Optimize each design so the die press can run at maximum speeds
    • Catches potential production issues during the design phase
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How does it work?

ArtiosCAD Preflight performs a number of checks on the structural design:

  • File import checks:
    Examines the structural integrity of imported designs and finds anomalies in the design that will impede production.
  • Production checks:
    Checks whether the structural design meets the requirements of the intended production machine.
  • Product quality checks:
    Finds design features that can negatively affect the folding, gluing or stacking of the finished package.
  • Die press performance checks:
    Automatically finds design features that may have a negative impact on the operational speed of the die press.

Update to ArtiosCAD 18.1 and try ArtiosCAD Preflight for free

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"We’ve been running ArtiosCAD Preflight before a design goes to manufacturing. Some of the checks that have been found have allowed us to save at least 10 minutes per design. Depending on how many designs we’re doing in a day that can really add up to a big-time savings."

Elizaveta D. Roberts. , Tactical and Manufacturing Design Sr. Manager, Graphic Packaging Intl.

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