Structural packaging design and manufacturing

2D Design

  • Create new and unique designs in seconds from scratch or by using the extensive library of folding carton and corrugated styles.
  • Create reusable, parametric designs using simple drafting tools.
  • Integrate graphic design files into the CAD design file.
  • Vectorize edges in any graphic to produce an outline around elements in the image.

3D Design

  • Powerful 3D design tools enable quick folding of the final folded design for even complex designs with curved creases.
  • Control fold angles and mating of multiple design elements for quality control inspection of folds, tucks, flaps, inserts and fitments.
  • Visualize the assembly and folding sequence of designs, create assembly instructions and assembly animation movies.
  • Create 3D models of primary product such as cans, bottles, glasses and bags.
  • Create exact fitting packaging around imported 3D models or 3D models created directly in ArtiosCAD.

Download POP displays from the store

The ArtiosCAD Display Store makes designing alluring displays possible for everyone. Download templates for a wide range of POP displays and create production ready displays in minutes instead of hours. The store offers ArtiosCAD files optimized for cutting with a Kongsberg table. A mounting video is included with each design.

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  • Import Collada, CATIA, ProE, STEP, SAT, IGES or SolidWorks 3D, Siemens NX or Parasolid 3D solid models from other 3D modeling programs directly into ArtiosCAD to directly create packaging based on the imported product, part or assembly.
  • Export to native IGES,STEP,ACIS or XCGM 3D model format.
  • Adobe Illustrator Import plug-in enables native ArtiosCAD ARD files to be imported into Illustrator maintaining the ArtiosCAD layers and information and provides dedicated tools to preserve CAD data within Adobe Illustrator.
  • Adobe Illustrator Export plug-in will allow exporting graphic information directly to ArtiosCAD. This helps structural designers create CAD files that follow graphic outlines - particularly important for designers of displays and folding cartons, where the final package die cut must often follow specific graphic features.
  • Import and export native PDF files to ArtiosCAD based on PDF libraries licensed from Adobe Systems.

Free guide

The ultimate toolbox for efficient packaging design

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  • Automatically calculate sheet layouts that have minimum production costs.
  • Quickly create quality die boards and coating blankets from a sheet layout for flat and rotary dies.
  • Automatically generate ejection rubber profiles for a cutting die.
  • Automated layout of rubber profiles optimizes the cutting layout using a powerful nesting tool that balances sheet usage with element grouping.
  • Create the complete design of individual counter plates automatically.
  • Quickly design top and bottom stripping sets as well as the front waste separator.
  • Automated tools to create one-piece steel counter.

Enterprise Database

  • Web-accessible central database with user login security.
  • Save and retrieve all assets (CAD, PDF, Word, Excel, 3D, etc.).
  • Full relational database allows for for easy and flexible searching.
  • Offline database caching and auto-synchronization.
  • Read more in this ArtiosCAD Enterprise brochure.
  • Full relational database allows for easy and flexible searching for and design criteria, including custom user fields.
  • Create reports that ‘automatically’ format themselves based on the items and information required including 3D thumbnails.
  • Create automated bill of material reports that can be generated on multi-part design projects with the click of a button.

Find our what customers say about ArtiosCAD Enterprise:

“The power of having a reliable central database means we are assured of the integrity of the data that we keep for the entire corporation; especially with the web-centered position of the database,” says Kenneth Miess, Senior Packaging Engineer, Victory Packaging.

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