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WebCenter: A packaging management solution for brands & suppliers

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Control your packaging production

WebCenter is a powerful and user-friendly web-based platform. It manages packaging preproduction specification, approval and project life cycle.

WebCenter has packaging at its core. It understands all aspects of successful packaging: its shape, the importance of brand colors and it offers control of all necessary content.

Control your packaging production

WebCenter enhances your specification & communication

WebCenter’s dynamic forms and collaboration tools enhance data sharing. What’s more, it streamlines communication between all partners in the packaging and printing supply chain.

Work virtually, in real-time, with your internal creative, marketing, package design and engineering groups, external vendors and suppliers.

  • Improves quality with data capture and seamless data sharing
  • Reduces errors in specification by reusing existing data
  • Streamlines communication between different departments & suppliers

Online graphic review & approval

WebCenter is a platform to review and approve graphical content from anywhere, anytime.

  • 60% reduction of hardcopy proofing and shipping costs
  • 25% savings on operator time because of quality feedback and less number of amendments
  • Approval turnaround time reduced from weeks to days
WebCenter - Graphical review
WebCenter - Online briefing

Packaging asset library

WebCenter is a flexible centralized, secure, web-based digital warehouse for all your assets. This includes: technical key lines, artwork, graphics, logos, images and other packaging elements (CAD files, brand guidelines, 3D hero shots…).

  • Asset reusability is optimized by centralized storage
  • Accountability is improved by version control and history tracking
  • Efficiency is improved by faster document retrieval and data sharing

Reducing packaging content errors

Most packaging errors pop up in the copy: ingredients, marketing slogans, legal text… WebCenter provides the tools for the management of packaging content.

WebCenter helps with the management of text assets in a packaging content integrating collation, approval , and translation process into the WebCenter workflow. WebCenter’s Packaging Content Management provides a centralized and consistent experience for all text management requirements.

Webcenter reduced errors

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WebCenter: A packaging management solution for brands & suppliers


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