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Online proofing & packaging quality control

Online proofing & packaging quality control

Esko’s WebCenter, the leading packaging’ management system, comes loaded with Global Vision functionality. GlobalVision is the world leader in online packaging quality control.

  • Barcode inspection
  • Braille inspection
  • Spelling check

Online graphic review & approval

WebCenter is a platform to review and approve graphical content from anywhere, anytime.

  • 60% reduction of hardcopy proofing and shipping costs
  • 25% savings on operator time because of quality feedback and less number of amendments
  • Approval turnaround time reduced from weeks to days
WebCenter for Labels
Webcenter cross devices


The convenience of WebCenter is great. You can access WebCenter 24/7 on your iPad, your mobile device or even on your home computer.

Tess Franzen, Technical Sales, Thoro Packaging

Reducing packaging content errors

Brand owners report that most packaging errors pop up in the copy (ingredients, marketing slogans, legal text…). WebCenter provides the tools for the management of packaging content.

For the management of the text assets in packaging content integrating collation, approval , and translation process into the WebCenter workflow. WebCenter’s Packaging Content Management provides a centralized and consistent experience for all text management requirements.

For the collation and online editing of packaging content with the CHILI Publisher. The CHILI Publisher allows users to edit and manage packaging copy in a powerful visual editor.


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Online proofing & packaging quality control


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