From design to print

Simplify your label production with smart automation tools.

Start jobs right


Collect job specifications for all team members in a web portal. See real-time job status and automatically trigger workflows.

Deliver packaging projects 25% faster
with WebCenter


Integrate with MIS


Integrate prepress with MIS or ERP. Use data in MIS to initiate automated prepress, plate making and digital print workflows.

Eliminate errors from data duplication
with Automation Engine


Determine color strategy


Print jobs cost-effectively on an HP Indigo digital press using the optimal ink set, while meeting brand color expectations.

Reduce ink cost and increase press
performance with Color Preflight


Prepare artwork


Catch prepress errors and edit in native PDF with in-editor automated tools for trapping, sheet layout, quality control, text recognition and more.

Prevent costly reruns with ArtPro+


Process variable data


Create a Variable Data Printing master file, define placeholders and connect to a database with variable data. Inspect each variant before label printing.

Meet customer requirements with Dynamic Variable Data Printing tools

Get approvals


Automatically route hyper-realistic renderings to all stakeholders in an interactive 3D viewer. Quickly gather annotations and update fast.

Spend less time chasing approvals
with Share & Approve


Manage color


Check design against color specifications using a central color database. Produce color consistency from job to job.

Get color right first time, every time
with Color Engine


Create print layout


Automatically generate production layouts of one or multiple labels based on ordered quantities.

Create once, use many times with Plato


Rip the job


Apply screening and compensation curves fit for any print process.

Get high quality every time
with Imaging Engine


Postpone press choice


Decide only the very last minute on which printing process to use: conventional or digital.

Maintain flexibility in a mixed printing environment with Automation Engine

Generate perfect screens


Whatever the operator skill level, use a wizard-style interface to create screens and dot gain curves that match any label application.

Make outstanding plates with Print Control Wizard screening software


Image flexo plates


Obtain best-in-class flexo print results with the widest tonal range and compete with offset and gravure quality.

Achieve superb flexo print results
with the CDI Crystal flexo plate imager


Produce impeccable plates


Expose any flexo plate simultaneously front and back with UV LEDs for the most consistent plate quality.

Keep full control over dot shape and floor height with the XPS Crystal exposure unit


Automate plate production


Combine imaging and exposure in one single operation. Automatically transfer plates from the digital imager to the exposure device.

Automate flexo plate making with
the CDI Crystal XPS and Plate Handler


Cut flexo plates


Make plate cutting and mounting a lot easier and more accurate.

Reduce plate wastage with
a Kongsberg digital cutting table