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Packaging Management Simplified

SKU proliferation is creating a drive for increased quality and much shorter turnaround times. How can brand teams manage this in an omni-channel approach?

More and more projects need to meet ever tighter deadlines. And even very specific packaging projects need to be run successfully by people who are not necessarily well versed in the packaging technicalities.

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Packaging Content Management: 3 questions answered

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Reduce human intervention

Process automation and optimization brought by WebCenter, Esko’s packaging management solution, reduces the amount of manual labor needed to process orders. This enables brand teams to deal with the ever increasing number of smaller jobs.

45% Boost capacity by 45%
WebCenter - Improved collaboration

WebCenter - Graphical review

Speed up approval cycles

WebCenter's user-friendly, automated quality control features, seamlessly integrated with your production tools and business systems increases your quality while speeding approval lead times.

Packaging is not flat, and neither are approvals in WebCenter, with our 'hyper-realistic' integrated 3D capability.

35% Reduce approval times by 35%

Shorten project delivery times

WebCenter enables you to automate wherever possible, streamlining the flow of data across teams and systems (both internal and external). Jobs can be created automatically by client systems, with stakeholders provided with visibility of what they need, when they need it with comprehensive reporting and powerful yet simple user interfaces.

25% Reduce project delivery times by 25%
Collaboration software for your packaging workflow