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WebCenter 20

Your workflow, more intuitive than ever

Designed to make your workflow more intuitive than ever, WebCenter 20 has the latest and greatest to simplify task management for your team.

Simplify the User Experience

• User friendly discussions, including profile pictures and a simplified interface.

• To-do lists that make sense – find all your tasks in a single place and access your work straight from the task.

• Dashboards that show who is working on tasks and the ability to reassign tasks with a simple click

• Viewer profiles with the ability to select and hide tools so the Viewer Workspace is simplified and intuitive for the needs of each user.

Expand Your Search Capabilities

• Live text search so you can find artwork based on text strings in PDF or Adobe Illustrator documents.

• Persistent search so you can select all the relevant items in multi-page search results and view your selections in a selection bar.

• In-line editing so you can edit parameters within a search instead of starting the search over.

Improve Collaboration

• Ad hoc approver email invite so you can invite users to a specific task and forward approval and review request without requiring them to login and navigate through WebCenter.

• Resource view & task assignment, so you can easily see who is working on projects, identify bottlenecks, and reassign remaining tasks in workflow.

NEW: Adobe Connectors

Save time in the creative process and provide a seamless experience for your designers with connectors that allow them to access WebCenter directly through Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Updated: Content Management

Improve productivity and decrease errors by managing and collating content in WebCenter, where you can automatically feed the content into your artwork with an InDesign plugin. Many new features include content sheet compare, artwork compare, turn freeform table to dynamic content, intelligent role assignment, and more.

NEW: Interactive Compare

Improve efficiency with the ability to easily integrate interactive text compare tools, so you can seamlessly incorporate your QC process and view the results in the WebCenter Viewer.

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