Toppack Bergs GmbH enjoys efficiency and connectivity with Esko solutions - Esko

Toppack Bergs GmbH enjoys efficiency and connectivity with Esko solutions

Packaging specialist uses Esko WebCenter and Automation Engine to boost connectivity and drive all-round efficiency


The challenge

Improve communication and collaboration with customers, automate workflows to increase productivity and efficiency

The solution

A full ecosystem of Esko prepress software, including Automation Engine, WebCenter and ArtPro

The benefits

Significant speed improvements, greater communication and customer satisfaction

Integrated software solutions - an essential foundation

Founded in 1994, Toppack Bergs GmbH is based in Ahaus, in the Münsterland region of Germany. Specializing in packaging, the company delivers complete solutions to meet all the specific printing methods, packaging types and further processing procedures requested by its roster of customers in the food and luxury goods sector.

Consultants that offer their customers efficient, end-to-end solutions from design to production in a spirit of partnership, Toppack has used Esko solutions for more than 20 years. In order to improve customer collaboration, in particular to speed-up the process of approvals, the company added Esko WebCenter and Automation Engine to its prepress software. This combination of packaging management software and workflow automation delivered an ecosystem that Managing Director Thomas Bergs now describes as being the foundation, “the bread and butter” software of their entire production process.

Watch the video now, and discover how the integration of the Esko ecosystem has helped Toppack boost efficiency and connectivity

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