A taste of packaging perfection with Studio

Italian confectioner Loacker renders packaging designs in five minutes with Studio, eliminating the need for physical mock-ups and pack shots.


Company size

+1,000 employees
2 production sites
global distribution in
+100 countries

confectionary manufacturer

Group turnover
€ 335,4 mio.


The Customer

Delights from the Dolomites

Founded in 1925, Loacker is an Italian, family-owned company that produces high quality wafer and chocolate specialties.

Headquartered in the Italian Dolomites, the leading global brand on the premium wafer market prides itself on its classic look and feel that has evolved in a self-similar way over time.

Loacker has an international distribution network in over 100 countries in the Middle East, Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

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With Esko, I always know there will be full integration with other software. It is an example of why Esko is a trusted partner for Loacker. They really understand my job from my perspective, and are able to bring the solutions I need.

Andrea Canale, Graphic Arts Director, Loacker, Italy

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The challenge

Regaining autonomy over the packaging design process

For quite some time Loacker was keen to implement a complete packaging lifecycle management process, from the art layout onwards.

Up until four years ago, Loacker made its packaging renderings with Adobe® Photoshop® or outsourced them to multiple agencies.


The great thing about Studio is that it is entirely focused on packaging and the outputs are perfect, from a technical point of view as well as for marketing and other purposes.

Andrea Canale, Graphic Arts Director, Loacker, Italy

The solution

3D packaging renders in five minutes

After Andrea Canale, Loacker’s Graphic Arts Director, tried Esko Studio in his spare time, he was convinced that this 3D packaging design software was the perfect solution for Loacker.

Studio is a unique set of tools for 3D packaging design made specifically for packaging artwork professionals. The software takes away the need for physical mock-ups.

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Studio has brought huge efficiencies to our design process, improved the speed and quality of our renderings, and resulted in significant savings in time and money.

Andrea Canale, Graphic Arts Director, Loacker, Italy

The benefits

Products that look as good as they taste

Instead of going to six or seven different agencies to obtain packaging renderings, Loacker’s graphic designing team produces all of the packaging renderings in five minutes in Studio.

The highly realistic renders also serve retail and marketing purposes after approval. Previously, pack shots could only be completed once the packaging was completely finalized – at which point a professional photographer would be brought in. Studio removes the need for this.

Loacker noticed Studio’s benefits beyond the designing phase:

  • highly realistic renders serve marketing purposes
  • huge time savings and significant cost savings
  • no need for physical mock-ups or pack shots outsourced to multiple agencies
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