Integrated Esko solutions deliver productivity, security and traceability for Groupe Gaultier Cartonnages

Discover how this French packaging specialist continued its digital transformation journey with prepress editing and workflow automation software


The challenge

Deliver a digitized workflow process to drive productivity while ensuring quality, security and traceability

The solution

Workflow automation and state-of-the-art prepress editing software – Automation Engine and ArtPro+

The benefits

Productivity gains, improved security and traceability without compromising quality

Increased productivity, security and traceability

Founded in 1929, Groupe Gaultier Cartonnages specializes in producing folding carton packaging for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics sectors. Still a family-owned business, the company has a reputation for being a pioneer in digital and offset printing.

Gaultier Cartonnages faced the challenge of a growing of need for increased productivity without compromising the secure workflows for its pharmaceutical and cosmetics clients. The company needed a secure system which also delivered traceability, and a solution to guarantee that the final packaging printed matched the original file received. Having worked with Esko as a partner for around 30 years, Gaultier Cartonnages continued its push towards digital processing and integrated the state-of-the-art prepress editing software ArtPro+ and the market-leading workflow optimization solution, Automation Engine.

Watch the video now, and discover how Groupe Gaultier Cartonnages has successfully benefited from the integration of Automation Engine and ArtPro+

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