EFP LLC saves thousands of hours – and dollars – boosting palletization efficiency with latest Cape Pack release - Esko

EFP LLC saves thousands of hours – and dollars – boosting palletization efficiency with latest Cape Pack release

Leading cold chain packaging solutions provider among first to benefit from cloud-based palletization optimization software


The challenge

Improve logistics efficiency through optimizing pallets and loads

The solution

Latest, cloud-based release of palletization software, Cape Pack

The benefits

Massive efficiency gains and business benefits

Since being founded in the 1950s, US-based Engineered Foam Packaging (EFP) has been committed to developing innovative expanded foam products to successfully meet the needs of thousands of companies nationwide. The experienced team of more than 500 professionals uses its extensive knowledge of materials and techniques to meet a wide range of component and packaging needs, developing and designing thermal packaging integral to building and maintaining effective cold supply chains.

An industry leader in providing exceptional foam molding and fabrication solutions, EFP offers a wide range of cold chain solutions, working closely with customers and re-sellers in the consumer products, automotive and agricultural markets, as well as in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Improved efficiency, optimized logistical loads

“We recognized that our truckload efficiency between plants was really not great,” said Leigha Rolin, Product Development Specialist/Package Engineer with EFP. “Not only this, but we were losing a lot of time at the planning stage, calculating and estimating the number of small packages that would fit into the outer cases.

“We determined we needed to both improve the efficiency of our pack and pallet loads, and also to optimize truckloads,” said Leigha. “As users of the ArtiosCAD structural packaging design software we looked at what solutions Esko had, which led us to Cape Pack.”

Esko Cape Pack – and more specifically the new cloud-user experience, 22.07 - was developed to optimize operational and logistical processes, delivering users the triple benefits of being easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to share across multiple users. The modular palletization software from Esko helps determine the best product size, case count, product arrangement, case size, pallet and container load, enabling businesses like EFP to optimize their packaging for shipping. The software can create new case sizes, build efficient pallet patterns, analyze compression strength of cases and pallets, and improve material and cube utilization. And all in a familiar and comfortable browser experience.

“As a member of the Esko pre-release community, we were among the first to integrate Cape Pack 22.07 release into our operations,” said Leigha.


Being cloud-based it meant there was no software installation, reducing IT headaches. It also has a more intuitive operation and importantly enables us to store and access information from any of our sites, regardless of time or location

Leigha Rolin, Product Development Specialist/Package Engineer with EFP

Easy to use, incredible result

“We’ve been using Cape Pack as a cloud-based solution for almost a year, and the results have been incredible,” said Leigha. “It’s incredibly easy to use and the speed of data transfer and reporting just adds to the efficiency. It is no overstatement to say that since using Cape Pack, we have saved thousands of hours and dollars being more efficient in our workflow and truck loading!”

Cape Pack delivers next generation palletization and offers an end-to-end workflow solution from data input to reporting – and with version 22.07 it is the first to do so via a Cloud platform with Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment. It is the only cloud-based solution that automatically finds the best packaging combination for the storing and shipping of packs, ultimately improving pallet load efficiency and reducing shipping costs by an average of 10 per cent, while at the same time protecting products from damage in transit.

“We use Cape Pack when a client requests our assistance with how many pharmaceuticals will fit into our cold chain shippers,” said Leigha.


The software makes it easy to input data and then creates a detailed report that we provide to our clients. They love the combination of visuals and data the report gives.

Leigha Rolin, Product Development Specialist/Package Engineer with EFP


Cape Pack

Next generation palletization in the Cloud

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