Blue Label Digital Printing grows its sales ten-fold with automated production system

Through a merge of Cerm’s scalable MIS with Esko’s flexible Automation Engine, label printing company Blue Label Digital Printing has expanded throughput by a factor of 10, with minimal staff increases.


Blue Label Digital Printing

Based in Lancaster, OH, Blue Label Digital Printing specializes in custom label manufacturing for beer, wine, specialty foods, spirits, health and beauty, juice and more.

Their 50 employees and HP Indigo digital presses let them run small and large batches with three- to five-business day turn around times.


As an all-digital printer, the majority of the jobs at Blue Label are small. They needed a way to stay profitable, even on the non-value added tasks.

Blue Label also wanted an MIS system that would link easily with their automated production workflow.

Blue Label Digital, operatur running a digital Indigo press


Automation Engine

Automation Engine is Esko’s workflow server. It automates prepress tasks, which speeds up the process, but also reduces the error rate and the need for operator intervention.

Automation Engine

Blue Label Digital Printing


  • the prepress department now creates value focusing on the one-up customer artwork rather than on procedural tasks
  • the creation and approval of the proof files and sending ganged step and repeat files to the press are done automatically
  • throughput has expanded by a factor of 10, with minimal staff increases

The customer says

Since we have integrated the systems, our company has grown by a factor of ten. We have substantially increased throughput, with minimal staffing increases. Without our system, we would need an entire room of people manually doing just our step and repeat work all day.

Andrew Boyd, President, Blue Label Digital, USA

Andrew Boyd, President, Blue Label Digital, USA