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Certifications and Awards

At Esko, we believe awards and certifications are a powerful symbol of trust, reliability, and quality. We take pride in our commitment to excellence and the trust our customers place in us. Our dedication to delivering high-quality solutions and services has been recognized and acknowledged by industry experts and organizations worldwide.

Certifications Awards

How Esko earns trust

At Esko, we're committed to delivering reliable solutions, exceptional customer support, and consistently exceeding expectations.


We empower customers to embrace sustainability by providing innovative solutions that optimize resource usage, reduce waste, and promote environmentally-friendly practices.


We're committed to building strong infrastructure that supports deployments of all sizes, from 100 to 100,000 and beyond.


We prioritize the privacy of our customers through active listening and collaboration, safeguarding their information with secure infrastructure and data governance practices.


By strictly adhering to global, regional, and industry regulations, we help you meet compliance standards effectively.

Esko Certifications

Learn more about the awards and certifications that distinguish Esko as a trusted partner and leader in the packaging design and printing space.



ISO 27001


Esko Achieves Sustainability Awards for the XPS Crystal

GreenCircle Certified is an internationally recognized third-party certification entity that independently verifies the validity of sustainability claims. GreenCircle Certified products and operations are thoroughly assessed and verified to applicable standards. Esko has received multiple GreenCircle certifications for the XPS Crystal! The XPS Crystal utilizes UV main and back exposure to produce highly consistent digital flexo plates, while also minimizing waste.


Esko achieved SOC Type 2 certification after rigorous evaluation at which the design and effectiveness of our security controls and processes were assessed. This achievement underscores Esko's ongoing commitment to meeting the stringent security requirements demanded by customers in the packaging, labels, and artwork management industries. The SOC Type 2 certification signifies our dedication to implementing best-in-class security practices, including comprehensive risk management, access controls, monitoring, and incident response protocols.

Esko is ISO 27001 Certified

Esko achieved ISO 27001 certification in July 2022

The accreditation - which applies to all our cloud operations and services, IT infrastructure, Human Resources, physical security and legal - recognizes that Esko is fully compliant with the stringent security requirements of the International Organization for Standardization based in Geneva, Switzerland.


EcoVadis rates and continually monitors companies’ CSR management and progress while offering tools to drive improvements. The EcoVadis assessment focuses on 21 issues which are grouped into 4 themes (Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, Sustainable Procurement). Esko are proud to have been awarded a bronze medal in recognition of our sustainability achievements.

Winner of FTA and Red Dot awards

The XPS Crystal exposing unit won the prestigious FTA award. The CDI Crystal 5080 XPS was the winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017!

FTA Award
FlexoTech Award
InterTech Award
Efia Award
Red Dot Award

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