Automated Packshots

Packshot Automation Software for Brands

Extend the functionality of your artwork and label management software to produce photo-ready packshots automatically in minutes. Automated packshots uses the structural design, artwork, and specifications you’ve created in WebCenter to generate photorealistic product images as part of your existing workflow.

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How Automated Packshots Work within WebCenter

Automated packshots are created using computer generated imagery (CGI), producing photorealistic images by using your approved artwork, labels, and specifications. Creating packshots can be added as an automatic process step in your workflow, which enables your teams to be more productive. The packshots can be pre-set to generate the required views based on GS1 standards and varying e-commerce requirements.

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What You Can Do with Automated Packshots

Skip the Product Photography

Brands rely on packshots, images of a brand’s products and its packaging and labeling to provide photo-realistic images of their products. Historically, packshots were created via photographing a product and printing its image, which can be time-consuming, inefficient, and costly. This method would require a physical product, a custom photo shoot, and rounds of selecting and editing photos. You can save weeks to months by skipping the product photography and using automated packshots to create 3D renders of your product in minutes.

  • Create realistic packaging directly in easy to use design and 3D tools
  • Export perfectly rendered packshots for e-commerce, social media, and the web
  • Eliminate the need to outsource product photography

View Products Interactively in 3D

3D design tools allow you to visualize products during the design process and before production. Eliminating the need for physical mockups helps you move faster, so you can produce new products more efficiently. Viewing a product live in 3D helps you determine any product changes, reducing waste and increasing productivity so you can get to market faster.

  • Go through as many rounds of review and approval as needed without going to physical production
  • Use 3D design tools as plug-ins for existing creative tools, such as Adobe Illustrator
  • Accurately predict how packaging will look when produced with print modeling technology

Create and Pitch Marketing and Product Concepts

Create and pitch marketing concepts before a product has been physically produced. With packshots, you can get internal approval on product concepts before producing a physical product. You can also send packshots to retailers so they can start buying your products for their sites. 3D packshots enable you to use renderings to start creating lifestyle images, ad campaigns, and other imagery so that all the content is ready to go to start advertising as soon as the product is ready to sell.

  • Boost sales by marketing products before they hit the shelves
  • Increase efficiency by updating digital versions of packaging during the review cycle
  • Place product renderings into images for marketing campaigns to ensure creative is ready on time, every time

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How Automated Packshots Benefits Brands


Efficiently collaborate with online reviews of realistic prototypes that are GS1 compliant


Go through as many rounds of review and approval as needed without going to physical production

Omnichannel Consistency

Create packshots from production files so they are in sync with the printed packaging for e-commerce and digital

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