Quality control & regulatory compliance
for pharmaceutical companies

Do you need to control and manage your regulatory content for use in marketing and artwork materials?

5 reasons to manage regulatory content - Reduce risk and recalls

5 reasons to manage regulatory content - Reduce risk and recalls

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GMP compliance

Over 50% of recalls are related to the labelling or to the packaging artwork. Over 60% of recalls are caused by human error. Esko helps companies in the highly regulated industries control and maintain their GMP compliance with ease. Read more about GMP compliance...

Esko Platform For Brands offers the integration; content management and control that you need to reduce errors and stay in compliance.

GMP compliance

“Currently there are no longer any manual elements in our workflow and it is the system that defines who is authorized to give approvals on the basis of defined flows.”

Agusti Merce, Product Operations Planning Manager, Almirall

Key compliance features:

  • Developed to GAMP5 guidelines
  • Fully validatable
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance controls built in
  • Developed to GMP guideline standards
  • Full audit trail and version control
  • Online proofing: Barcode and Braille checking functionality via Global Vision integration
Compliance features

Benefits for life sciences and pharma companies

Benefits for life sciences & pharma companies

Esko’s dedicated marketing and packaging management platform helps life sciences and pharmaceutical companies:

  • Build quality into your process with automated quality control tools
  • Reduce risk of errors at every stage
  • Maintain absolute control and compliance
  • Manage the challenges of controlling your packaging and labeling copy and content
  • Adapt to changing regulatory requirements with ease

“Our level of collaboration has significantly improved, and the results can be seen in the time it takes to produce a package. Our previous process took anywhere from 60-90 days. Now, it's half the time.”

Eric Humbert, Ansell WebCenter Project Manager for the Medical Global Business Unit, Ansell Healthcare


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